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Sun Quad FastEthernet 1.0 (SQFE/S)

Codename: Quattro

SS5 / SS10 / SS20 / SS600 / SS1000 / SC2000
A11 / A12 / A14
E3000 / E4000 / E5000 / E6000
E3500 / E4500 / E5500 / E6500

Option 1042



  1. The minimum OS is Solaris 2.4 and Quad FastEthernet 1.0.
  2. QFE/S 1.0 uses the SUNWhmed device driver.
  3. QFE/S is not compatible with Sun Trunking 1.0.
  4. The SS1000 and SC2000 require OBP 2.26.
  5. One CPU per port is recommended for maximum throughput.
  6. Two CPUs per QFE/S is recommended for >=200MHz systems.
  7. SQFE <= 501-4302-03 fails the Fcode checksum test and will not configure during boot if the E3000-E6000 is set to Diagnostic mode. Set Keywitch diagnostics Off, OBP diag-switch? false, and OBP diag-level min.
  8. Set the NVRAM variable local-mac-address? to true to enable the MAC addresses of the network interfaces on the Quad FastEthernet board.


Sun Quad FastEthernet Installation Guide, 805-0732.

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