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24-Bit Color Frame Buffer

SS5 / SS10 / SS20 / SS1000 / SC2000
A11 / A12 / A14

Option 1094

501-1845 501-1843 501-1844
2 Board Set
w/o 340-2349
Upper Board Lower Board

501-1845 Rear View

501-1845 Front View without Backpanel

501-1845 Front View with Backpanel

501-1845 with Backpanel and Upper Backpanel 340-2349

UNIX ID: /dev/leo0


6.8 Amps @ +5Vdc
34.0 Watts

ZX Upper Board


Bottom Side

ZX Lower Board


Bottom Side


  1. The minimum operating system is Solaris 2.2.
  2. The GT/ZX Supplement to Solaris 2.2 is recommended.
  3. The final software release is Solaris 2.6.
  4. The ZX Graphics Accelerator uses the /opt/SUNWleo device driver.
  5. Standoff 240-2716 and Screw 240-2102 fasten the boards together.
  6. The Sun-4/15/30/75 requires three 250-1195-01 rubber bumpers.
  7. The SC1000 and SC2000 require three 240-2090-01 nylon screws.
  8. The SC1000 and SC2000 require three 240-2103-01 nylon standoffs.
  9. The A11 and A12 require SBus Extender Cable 530-2290.
  10. The A11 and A12 require Ferrite 150-2633 if the stereo output is used.

Screen Resolution

  1. The variable monitor_type is defined in /etc/init.d/leoconfig.
  2. Make temporary changes to the screen resolution with the following command: /etc/opt/SUNWleo/bin/leoconfig -M monitor_type
  3. Make permanent changes to the screen resolution by removing the comment symbol # from the desired setting in /etc/init.


ZX Graphics Accelerator Installation Manual, 800-7213.

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