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Sun StorEdge[tm] 3900/6900: Field Information Notices


Implementation (Impl.):
= Mandatory (Fully Pro-Active)

= Controlled Pro-Active (per Sun Geo Plan)

= Reactive (As Required)

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For Sun StorEdge T3 array specific FINs, click here.

Components Affected Description
8-port Switch (595-5816), 16-port Dual Switch (595-5800) Current switch replacement procedures for the 39x0 & 69x0 are incorrect.
Sun StorEdge 3900 Arrays
Sun StorEdge 6900 Arrays
Current Sun StorEdge 3900/6900 documentation incorrectly states how to implement secure access from a customer's LAN to a Sun StorEdge Remote Response configuration. The existing documentation is misleading and results in confusion for the customer as well as field personnel.
Sun StorEdge 6910 Array
Sun StorEdge 6960 Array
Sun StorEdge T3+ firmware included with patch 112276-04 and 69x0 firmware with patch 113247-01 or higher provides improved disk error handling.
Sun StorEdge 6910 Array
Sun StorEdge 6960 Array
Sun StorEdge 6900 Series storage used in a clustered environment may encounter a race condition which can cause the storage unit to not handle SCSI-2 disk reservations properly. When this happens, the Sun StorEdge 6900 Series storage becomes inaccessible to the cluster nodes. This issue affects any StorEdge 69x0 array with Service Processor Image version 2.1.1 or below which is used in a clustered configuration.
Cable Power Cord 10A 1M (180-1932-01) A specific group of Sun StorEdge 6900 systems are exposed to a single point of failure due to misconnected power cables.
Seagate ST336752FC 36.4GB Disk
36GB 15K 1-in FC W/SLED DRV ASSY (540-5178-01)
36GB 15K 1-in FC W/SLED DRV ASSY (540-5179-01)
DRV SEA 36GB 15K 1-in FCAL (390-0099-02)
DRV SEA 36GB 15K 1-in FCAL T3 (390-0101-02)
Seagate ST336752FC (36.4GB) disk drives should not be installed into non-RAID configurations. Seagate ST336752FC (36GB) disk drives should only be installed into configurations which use Veritas Volume Manager or SDS RAID software, or hardware RAID configurations.
X-Opt 16 Port (595-5800-01)
X-Opt 8 Port (595-5816-01)
16 Port Switch Python (370-4276-02)
8 Port Switch Mamba (370-4035-02)
8 Port Switch Python (370-4035-03)
8 Port Switch Assy (540-4372-02)
16 Port Switch Assy (540-4751-01)

User logins to a freshly installed SANSurfer GUI on November 25, 2001 or later may fail. The login for a pre-installed GUI might also fail after that date if no changes have been made to the user account. When customers are unable to login to the SANSurfer application, then the immediate impact is that they will not be able to use any SAN management utilities. Here is the failure message which displays on the console:

"Login Failed" - Login Failure as user expires on 11/25/01.

16-PORT Python Switch (370-4276-01) Some StorEdge Network FC Switch-16 units were assembled and shipped from the vendor with their mounting brackets reversed. This could potentially result in these switches being installed backwards in the 72-inch StorEdge Expansion Cabinet. This improper installation may cause the inlet temperature of the switch to exceed its recommended range and this could affect the performance and the life of the switch. In addition, the connecting fibre cables might be damaged by hitting the rear cabinet door and may require replacement.
OEM Module GBIC Ancor (370-2303-03)
8-port swtch Brocade Silkworm 2400 (370-4395-01)
16-port swtch Brocade Silkworm 2800 (370-4396-01)
IBM GBIC (370-3975-01)
Finisar GBIC (370-4379-01)

Sun Professional Services is selling Brocade Silkworm Switches containing GBIC's which have no Sun label or part number. This FIN will provide guidance for replacing these non-Sun GBIC's in the case of failure. All Brocade Silkworm switches that are re-sold through Sun Professional Services (PS) will contain IBM or Finisar GBIC's without Sun part numbers, which are identical to the short wave GBIC's that Sun currently sells and supports. The Brocade switches themselves will have a Sun part number (370-4395-01 or 370-4396-01) and a serial number label, but the GBIC's in the switches may not have a Sun part number. The non-Sun GBICs will be labeled as follows:

Vendor FAB Markings
Finisar FTR-8519


16-PORT SWITCH PYTHON (370-4276-02)
SWITCH 8-PORT FC-AL (370-4035-01)
ASSY 8-PORT FCA1 SWITCH (540-4372-02)
ASSY 16-PORT SWITCH (540-4751-03)
StorEdge Network FC Switch-8 and StorEdge Network FC Switch-16 products installed in a Storage Area Network (SAN) configuration must have the proper level of firmware installed for proper operation. All switches in the SAN must contain matching firmware versions. Failure to verify and install the correct switch firmware when installing or replacing switches in a SAN can cause the switch to fail.


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