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Sun StorEdge[tm] A1000 Array: Field Change Orders

Implementation (Impl.):
= Mandatory (Fully Pro-Active)

= Controlled Pro-Active (per Sun Geo Plan)

= Upon Failure


Components Affected Description
18GB and 36GB IBM disk drives 18GB and 36GB IBM disk drives experiencing high failure rate in high humidity and high temperature environments.
Differential Ultra/Wide SCSI
UDWIS/S (370-2443-01)
Systems with large quantities of UDWIS/SBus Host Adapters installed may not come up after reboot due to miscommunication between the SCSI host and the target. Large configurations with many UDWIS/SBus Host Adapter cards are more vulnerable due to higher probability of encountering the reboot problem. If a system can be rebooted it may fail to communicate correctly with a storage device connected via a UDWIS/SBus Host Adapter. This would have different results depending on the system configuration.
360 watt power supply
FDK PEX737-30 (300-1340-03)
Storage A1000 or D1000 (Dilbert) Power supplies fail with amber LED. Since the Storage A1000 or D1000 has two power supplies and are redundant, the system will continue to run with one failed power supply. A total of 7217 affected Dilberts shipped with 14,434 affected power supplies between June 1998 and October 1999. It is estimated that 66% of these 7217 Dilberts will experience a power supply failure due to this issue within three years from the time they are put into service.


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