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Sun StorEdge[tm] A1000 Array: InfoDocs

InfoDoc Synopsis
49525 Decoding Sun StorEdge[TM] A3x00 and Sun StorEdge[TM] A1000 sense codes
43483 A1000/A3x00/A3500FC Software/Firmware Configuration Matrix
27565 A1000 Disk Space Is Not Adding Up
24592 A1000 LEDs - Understanding What They Mean
24532 Changing RM6 Controller States
22176 Patch 108553-01 (or higher) is required to run Solaris 8 with Raid Manager 6.22.
21825 RM6 - Power Supply Failure / Monitoring on A1000/A3000
20107 Determining The Different Firmware Revisions for SSA/A3000/A5X00/RSM 2000 Related Devices
17886 SunCluster Systems with A3X00 Storage
17736 RM6 - Reset configuration in Sun StorEdge[TM] A1000 / Sun StorEdge[TM] A3000 to factory LUN defaults
130 Scsi Transport Errors and how to identify them

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