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Sun StorEdge[tm] A1000 Array: Repair Procedures

This section provides the most common repair procedures for the A1000. The repair procedures are provided in the following manual:

Sun StorEdge A1000/D1000 Installation and Service Manual, Chapter 3, "Removing and Replacing Components "

The table below provides the page numbers that each procedure begins on.

Page Number
Disk Drive
22 - 23
  • Swapping a disk within a clustered environment could cause issue for a customer's clustered environment in the future if the disk is the quorum device (FIN I0520-1 )
  • 18.2GB and 36GB IBM disk drives may be susceptible to early life failures problem (I0724-2).
  • Adding new disk drives to StorEdge A1000/A3x00 arrays must be done properly to avoid loss of LUNs (FIN I0782-1)
  • Sun StorEdge A1000/A3x00/A3500FC Arrays with RAID Manager 6 (RM6) may hang for up to 8 minutes when they contain more than one failed IBM disk drive (I0845-1).
  • Quantum (model# VK4550J or VK45J05) 4.2GB disk drives may fail to spin up. (FCO A0113-3 )
Cooling Canisters
23 - 24
Power Supply
  • A Power Supply failure on A1000/A3000 disk subsystems currently results in no alarm. ( InfoDoc 21825 )
  • Storage A1000 or D1000 (Dilbert) Power supplies fail with amber LED. (FCO A0162-1 )
Controller Board
26 - 28
  • Boot process and controller on-line process may take hours in systems with large StorEdge A3000, A3500 or A1000 configs. (FIN I0551-1 )
28 - 29
  • Inaccurate battery failure analysis for Sun StorEdge A1000 Arrays may result in false alarms and unnecessary system downtime for customers, and unnecessary service calls for support personnel. (FIN I0922-1).
SIMM Upgrade
30 - 32
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