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Sun StorEdge[tm] A5200 Array: Configuration Information



Sun [tm]Enterprise Network Array[tm] Hardware Configuration Guide Contains information about configuring A5x00 arrays and Sun StorEdge FC-100 hubs.
Configuration Examples Contains information and diagrams on connecting from 1 to 4 A5x00 arrays to single or dual hosts.
Sun StorEdge A5x00 Configuration Guide Contains extensive information on planning, configuring, and installing A5x00 arrays.
RAS A5x00 Hardware Configuration Guidelines Contains A5x00 RAS configuration information.
A5x00 Configurations and SCSI Targets Contains information about SCSI target ids for A5x00 arrays.
InfoDoc 20778 - What is the Minimum Disk Drive Configuration for an A5x00 Array? Contains information about the minimum disk drive configuration for an A5x00 array.
Compatible Systems Contains charts showing which systems are compatible with the A5x00 family arrays and how many A5x00 arrays can be connected to the various system types.
Configuration Rules for Mission Critical Storage

Provides some general guidelines for configuring storage platforms to match application requirements. These guidelines are designed to help ensure high levels of availability first, good performance second, and low cost last.

Sun StorEdge network FC switch-8 Installation, Documentation and Configuration Guide Describes how to set up the Sun StorEdge network FC switch-8 hardware and configure it to the network.
Sun StorEdge Network FC Switch-8 and Switch-16 Configuration Supplement for SAN 3.1 Disaster Tolerance Configurations The rules for the Sun StorEdge Network FC Switch-8 and Switch-16 Sun SAN 3.0 have been extended to suppo rt additional configurations for disaster recovery scenarios. This document lists the modifications to the configuration ru les in the Sun StorEdge Network FC Switch-8 and Switch-16 Sun Installation and Configuration Guide: Sun StorEdge SAN 3.0 Re lease. It also provides illustrative examples to show use of the extended rules.
Sun StorEdge FC switch-8 and switch-16 Troubleshooting Guide Describes how to diagnose and troubleshoot the Sun StorEdge network switch-8 and switch-16 hardware.
Brocade SAN Configuration Descriptions SAN configuration rules and examples for the StorEdge Network FC Switch-8 and StorEdge Network FC Switch-16.
SOC+XT SAN Limited Program Overview and Purpose The purpose of the SOC+XT SAN Program is to allow existing SBus servers to attach SAN storage devices in a controlled environment. The focus of this program has been limited to those customers who are unable not unwilling to migrate to Solaris 8/beyond. SunPS approval is required on all SOC+XT configurations. SUN INTERNAL ONLY

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