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Sun StorEdge[tm] A5200 Array: Field Change Orders

Some documentation links included on this page may contain "A5000" in the title, but they were included because the contents of these documents are also relevant and applicable to the A5200 array.

Implementation (Impl.):
= Mandatory (Fully Pro-Active)

= Controlled Pro-Active (per Sun Geo Plan)

= Upon Failure


Components Affected Description
18GB FCAL disk Seagate ST318203FC (540-4440-01)
18GB FCAL disk Seagate ST318304FC (540-4673-01)
36GB FCAL disk Seagate ST136403FC (540-4367-01)
18GB FCAL disk Seagate ST318203FC (540-4191-01)
9GB FCAL disk Seagate ST39102FC (540-3869-01)
36GB FCAL disk Seagate ST136403FC (540-4192-01)
Seagate Cheetah 3 FCAL disk drives may experience higher than expected failure rate.
72-inch StorEdge Cabinet
Delorean 72-inch StorEdge Cabinets shipped before July 12, 1999 may have unusable Anti-Tilt stabilizer rails. During installation of a 72-inch StorEdge Cabinet it may become apparent that it is not possible to fit the Anti-Tilt stabilizer rails to the cabinet screw studs. Some rails may fit initially, but subsequently they may bind in use or become completely jammed. This may make the rails unusable. In some cases rails may even fall off, as persistent binding can loosen the screw-in studs. This problem may become apparent some time after installation, following a number of rail extension and retraction operations.
FC-AL PCI Card FC100/P 375-0040-02 A host system using the 375-0040-01 or -02 FC-AL PCI card to attach to FC-AL storage, may experience loop errors which affect data access to that storage. In extreme cases, this can result in the host losing its connection to the storage completely. However, it is more common for the loop errors to be intermittent initially, perhaps becoming more frequent over a period of days or a few weeks. The failures are sometimes sensitive to the data pattern on the FC-AL loop, so they are not always reproducible with current diagnostic software.
Below are examples of error messages;

unix: ifp0: Loop down
unix: ifp0: Loop is down: finishing off loop reconfig
unix: ifp0: Loop reconfigure done, LIP
unix: WARNING: /pci@1f,2000/SUNW,ifp@1/ssd@w21000020370d323b,0 (ssd58):
unix: requeue of command fails (fffffffe)

- or -

unix: WARNING: /pci@1f,2000/SUNW,ifp@1/ssd@w21000020371430cd,0(ssd2):
unix: Error for Command: write(10) Error Level: Retryable
unix: Requested Block: 4241 Error Block: 4241
unix: Vendor: SEAGATE Serial Number: 9833X17325
unix: Sense Key: Aborted Command
unix: ASC: 0x47 (scsi parity error), ASCQ: 0x0, FRU: 0x3
11 slot backplane 501-4158-03 StorEdge A5200 with 11 slot HDA (501-4158-03) may fail LBF test in Stortools, and experience various SCSI Errors that are captured in the syslog file (/var/adm/messages).
Examples of errors that might be seen are:
  • SCSI Parity
  • CRC
  • SCSI Transport
  • SCSI Transport Reject errors
370-2303-02 GBIC A small percentage of Vixel GBICs (370-2303-02) are demonstrating symptoms consistent with marginal signal quality on the GBaud FC-AL loops. Marginal signal quality can be caused by variations in component quality for GBICs, backplanes, interface boards, interconnect assemblies, and FC-AL drives.
Symptoms of the GBICs manufactured by Vixel include the following:
  • excessive "CRC Error" or "scsi parity error" messages
  • excessive "OFFLINE" messages
  • excessive "timeout" messages
  • "Offline Timeout" messages
501-3060-06 (or below) FC-AL SBus Card (FC100/S)
501-5202-02 (or below) FC-AL SBus Card (FC100/S)
501-5266-01 (or below) FC-AL SBus Card (FC100/S)
501-4883-02 (or below) Sunfire I/O Board with SOC+
501-4884-02 (or below) Sunfire I/O Graphics Board with SOC+
501-4266-05 (or below) Sunfire I/O Board with SOC+
SBus/FC-AL SOC+ Host Adapters may experience recoverable data transfer read errors. This can result in individual user applications, like Oracle, to stop running.
Examples of errors are listed below:
  • SUNWvts /var/adm/messages file xfer errors with Release5 patches installed:

    Jul 6 11:06:51 tester unix: WARNING: /sbus@2,0/SUNW,socal@d,10000/sf@1,0
    Jul 6 11:06:51 tester unix: Transport error on target=0x4:
    Fiber Channel: INCOMPLETE DMA XFER on sbus

    The message "INCOMPLETE DMA XFER on sbus", indicates that the
    transfer failed. This is a retryable error and the driver will
    reissue the I/O.
  • SUNWvts log file xfer compare error with or without Release5 patches installed:

    Big compare failed on 'device', block 122491, offset 12876

    The message indicates that the data transfer to memory does not
    match that written to the disc.


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