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Sun StorEdge[tm] A5200 Array: Repair Procedures

This section provides the most common repair procedures for the A5200. The repair procedures are provided in the following manual:

Sun StorEdge A5000 Installation and Service Manual

The table below provides the page numbers that each procedure begins on.

Page Number
Disk Drive
  • Various applications running on Sun StorEdge A5000 units with 9GB ST19171FC drives may report SCSI transport, SCSI reset or read errors (FIN I0503-1).
  • Recovering from a root filesystem disk failure or corruption on an internal FC-AL boot disk in an E3500 Server or a FC-AL boot disk in a A5000 which is not mirrored with SEVM or SDS (FIN I0421-1). Note: This FIN was written before there was an official fix for this; also refer to SRDB 17643 if this problem is experienced.
  • Empty backplane/incorrect configuration on StorEdge A5x00 can Cause Errors. Empty backplanes can generate errors which are intermittent and difficult to isolate (FIN I0400-2).
  • Rare but recoverable "write faults" may occur when adding or upgrading 18.2GB 7200 RPM FC-AL drives into the Sun StorEdge A5000 that were manufactured before January 1, 1999 (FCO A0147-1).
  • Recovering from a failed FC-AL boot disk (SRDB 17463).
  • How to Replace an A5x00 Disk Under AP 2.1 and Volume Manager (VxVM or SEVM) (InfoDoc 21101).
  • After disk replacement in A5000 (Photon), Volume Manager gets error: cxtxxdxsx online failed : device path not valid (SRDB 17003).
  • Seagate ST336605FC 36GB and ST373405FC 73G drives could be susceptible to label corruption (FIN I0816-1).
Fibre Optic Cable
  • Visual identification of -02 and -03 GBICs without physically removing from system (FIN I0502-1).
  • A small percentage of Vixel GBICs (370-2303-02) are demonstrating symptoms consistent with marginal signal quality on the GBaud FC-AL loops. Marginal signal quality can be caused by variations in component quality for GBICs, backplanes, interface boards, interconnect assemblies, and FC-AL drives (FCO A0144-3).
Interface Board (IB)
Door Panel Assembly
Front Panel Module
Fan Tray
Power Supply
AC Power Filter
  • The revision level printed on the labels for the 7-slot Backplane and the 11-slot Backplane for the A5000, A5100, and A5200 array are different than the revision levels that are dynamically reported by the arrays (FIN I0501-1).
Interconnect Assembly
  • SMCC Engineering has noted several isolated instances involving the Enterprise Network Array, where the EMI clip sandwiched between the underside of the Horizontal Interconnect Board and the top edge of the Vertical Interconnect Board nearest the Interface Boards, had shifted just far enough to allow the EMI clip to overlap and make contact with the soldermask over the Fibre Channel signal traces (FIN I0373-1).
Rack Mounted A5x00 Disk Array

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