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Sun StorEdge[tm] D1000 Array: Field Information Notices

Implementation (Impl.):
= Mandatory (Fully Pro-Active)

= Controlled Pro-Active (per Sun Geo Plan)

= Reactive (As Required)

Components Affected Description
/kernel/drv/st.conf file
Sun StorEdge D1000
Systems with a modified "/kernel/drv/st.conf" file and a Sun StorEdge D1000 or Netra st D1000 Array attached might sporadically slow down or appear hung and become unavailable for about 60 seconds. This slowdown can happen at system boot time. SCSI errors might appear for the SCSI Bus containing the D1000 Array.
18 GB and 36 GB IBM disk drives Failure analysis results have highlighted a significant failure rate for Drive Not Ready (DNR) on returned IBM 18GB & 36GB disk drives. These failures have been observed to occur as a result of the disk drives either been stored or operated in an extremely hot and humid environments.
RAID Manager6.1.1 Update 1(798-0522-02)
RAID Manager6.1.1 Update 2 (798-0522-03 )
Sun StorEdge RAID Manager 6.22 CD (704-6708-10)
The replacement procedure for the SCSI controller board (ESM card) in a D1000 disk array is not well-documented. If the proper procedure is not followed, complications can arise which might lead to data loss. This FIN describes correct ESM replacement procedures and gives examples of additional problems which might occur as a result of an ESM card failure and its subsequent replacement. Replacement of the D1000 ESM card may result in drives being "failed" in one or more drive trays of an A3x00/A3500FC array. A failure of an ESM card will cause the entire D1000 tray to go offline. As a result, all disks in the D1000 tray will go offline until the ESM card is replaced.
RSM array shelves (370-2343) RSM Array shelves may collapse under weights greater than 40lbs (18.2kg), causing system damage or personal injury.
Differential Ultra/Wide SCSI
UDWIS/S (370-2443-01 & -02)
Systems with UDWIS/SBus Host Adapter slow to a halt under heavy IO loads and the Console displays "SCSI transport failed" error messages.
Differential Ultra/Wide SCSI
UDWIS/S (370-2443-02)
UDWIS/SBus Host Adapter with isp-fcode 1.28 can cause "invalid command" during probe-scsi-all or boot -hv from a StorEdge D1000.
Differential Ultra/Wide SCSI
UDWIS/S (370-2443-0X)
Single Ended Fast/Wide
SCSI SWIS/S (370-1703-0X)
Differential Fast/Wide SCSI
DWIS/S (370-1704-0X)
When a SCSI bus reset is issued under heavy i/o, the isp driver causes the sd driver to report i/o errors. Any configuration with an isp driver version prior to the fix to bug 4280783 may be affected. The most likely configuration to experience this problem is multi-hosted and shared storage devices e.g. A3x00 (SCSI version only), A1000, D1000 etc. connected to differential SCSI cards using the isp driver, or MultiPack, UniPack etc. connected to single-ended SCSI cards using the isp driver.
Differential Ultra/Wide SCSI
UDWIS/S (370-2443-01)
Intermittently, SCSI devices connected to a UDWIS card may not be usable after a reboot. This can prevent a system from booting if the UDWIS card connected to the boot device is affected. This problem is due to some issues in FCode versions less than 1.28 in the UDWIS card. When it is booting, the card fails to send a SCSI bus reset, or the SCSI bus reset is not held long enough to meet the SCSI specification, or the card fails to initialize correctly. This leads to the attached SCSI devices failing to negotiate correctly with the host.
Patch 105463-05
Sun Enterprise VM 2.5
Sun Enterprise VM 2.6
When patch 105463-05 (SEVM2.5 patch) is applied on an operational system, and the system is rebooted, some storage devices may appear to be missing or longer listed. This symptom may also be experienced when installing EVM2.6, upon execution of vxinstall, not all of the storage devices on the system will be available for EVM to use. This may happen on systems that have a mixture of storage devices, although there have been reports of systems with a single SPARCstorage Array attached, experiencing loss of access to some of the disks after application of this patch. The device loss is due to a modification that had been made to the DMP driver binary file in this release of the patch. Systems that have disabled DMP operation will not experience this problem.
Seagate ST39173WC 9GB
Disk (370-3595-01)
The Network Storage Group has identified a disk firmware bug associated with the Seagate 9GB ST39173WC disk drives with rev. 5084 firmware. ISP timeouts and register dumps have been experienced during testing of an Enterprise Server with the following configuration:
  1. The Enterprise Server boots from a D1000.
  2. The D1000 unit is configured with Seagate 9GB ST39173WC disks with rev. 5084 firmware.
  3. Raid Manager 6.1.1 software has been installed.
  4. A1000(s) is also attached to the Enterprise server.
StorEdge A1000/D1000
Rack Mount Kit (X9653A)
StorEdge A1000/D1000 Rackmount Installation Guide
(805-2626-10 &
A small quantity of A1000/D1000 rackmount kits (X9653A) have been recently shipped to customer sites with an insufficient amount of screws needed to properly complete the rackmount installation. The affected rackmount kits (X9653A) shipped with four (4) installation screws as opposed to the twenty (20) screws that are needed for the installation. In addition, the Sun StorEdge A1000/D1000 rackmount installation manual (805-2626-10) incorrectly illustrates that only four (4) screws are needed to complete the A1000/D1000 rackmount installation.

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