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Sun StorEdge[tm] D2 Array - Related Documentation

Part Number
Sun StorEdge[tm] D2 Storage Array - Just the Facts (2/02) Contains much information about all aspects of the D2 storage array, from configuration, compatibility, to performance and available options.
Sun StorEdge D2 Array Cabinet Installation Guide Describes how to mount Sun StorEdge D2 arrays in Sun cabinets.
Sun StorEdge D2 Array Release Notes Contains late-breaking information specific to the Sun StorEdge D2 array. Read this document so that you are aware of outstanding issues or requirements that might impact installation and operation of the array.
Sun StorEdge D2 Array Installation, Operation, and Service Manual Provides installation and configuration information and service procedures to customers and service personnel for the D2 array. These instructions are designed for experienced system administrators.
Sun StorEdge D2 Array Best Practices Guide The Sun StorEdge D2 Array Best Practices Guide is intended for use by experienced Sun[tm] engineering personnel (FE, SE, SSE, and CTE). It is not intended to replace the existing documentation set, but rather to serve as a single point of reference that provides some answers to questions relating to common installation and service tasks. Further, it serves as a roadmap to more detailed information already provided in the current documentation set and on Sun web sites.
Storage Automated Diagnostic Environment User's Guide Version 2.1 Describes how to use the Storage Automated Diagnostic Environment graphical user interface (GUI) to collect data about the condition of various storage devices.
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