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Sun Enterprise[tm] 10000 Server: Related Documentation

For Enterprise 10000 software-related product documentation (information for System Service Processor (SSP), Alternate Pathing, Capacity on Demand, and Dynamic Reconfiguration), go to the Sun Enterprise 10000 Server documentation page.

Part Number
Enterprise 10000 Software Compatibility Matrix (10/00) Provides a software compatibility matrix for the Enterprise 10000, which includes AP, Solstice DiskSuite[tm], DR, IDN, SSP, Solstice SyMON[tm], Sun[tm] Management Center, Solaris[tm] Operating Environment, and VM/VxVM.
Sun Enterprise 10000: Just the Facts (2/28/02) Provides reference information about positioning, target market, system architecture, and ordering.
Enterprise 10000 LEDs Provides LED information for the system boards, control boards, centerplane support boards, and fan trays.
Sun Enterprise 10000 System Overview Manual Provides service personnel with detailed descriptions of the Ultra Enterprise 10000 system architecture. It is an aid for understanding how the system works and should be read prior to performing service-related procedures on a customer system.
Ultra Enterprise System Cabinet Regulatory Compliance Manual Explains how to maintain regulatory compliance of the Sun Microsystems, Inc. Ultra Enterprise System cabinet. It describes the proper installation procedures and provides safety precautions. Be sure to read all of it before installing and operating this equipment.
Ultra Enterprise 10000 System Read Me First

Provides important information that you should read before unpacking and installing the Enterprise 10000 system. (Previously 805-0820)

Sun Enterprise 10000 System Site Planning Guide Helps management and site preparation personnel identify suitable environments for the Ultra Enterprise 10000 system. It describes configurations, electrical requirements, power consumption, environmental requirements, and remote support equipment.(Previously 805-0308)
Ultra Enterprise 10000 System Unpacking Provides instructions on how to unpack the Enterprise 10000. (Previously 805-0319)
Sun Enterprise 10000 System Service Manual Provides detailed instructions for replacing field replaceable components on the Ultra Enterprise 10000 system. (Previously 805-0311)
Sun Enterprise 10000 System Service Reference I Provides quick-reference information for component, I/O, and processor numbering, which includes information for Solaris (device tree), Hostview, and POST.
Sun Enterprise 10000 System Service Reference II Provides quick-reference for component numbering, system board component numbering, SBus and PCI slot numbering, remote power control numbering, and cable labeling.
Sun Enterprise 10000 System Service Processor Quick Reference

Provides quick reference information for SSP, DR, NTP, and AP commands.

Ultra Enterprise 10000 PCI Upgrade Instructions Provides the information necessary to replace SBus components with PCI components on a system board.
Sun Enterprise 10000 System Hardware Installation and De-Installation Guide Provides the procedures for installing and configuring the Sun Enterprise host hardware and software.
Sun Enterprise 10000 System Power Patch Note Provides information about installing the mandatory patches for the SSP version 3.0 and 3.1.
Sun Enterprise 10000 System Board Installation and Configuration Guide: For 400-MHz Components Provides the necessary procedures for upgrading a Sun Enterprise 10000 system with 400-MHz processors.
Sun Enterprise 10000 I/O Area Installation and Configuration Guide Provides Enterprise 10000 configuration guidelines when using Sun StorEdge UniPack Boot Subsystems, Sun StorEdge D1000 Disk Trays, Dual AC Sequencers, Document Bags or Trays, Internal Hubs, RSM Trays, and Netra T1 SSPs.
Sun Enterprise 10000 Domain Configuration Provides instructions on how to configure an Enterprise 10000 domain.
Sun Enterprise 10000 System Dual Power Grid Installation Guide Provides instructions on how to install the dual grid power option.
Sun Enterprise 10000 System Dual Grid Power Option Service Manual Provides troubleshooting procedures to solve problems that may be encountered after the dual grid power option installation procedures are complete.
Sun Enterprise 10000, 6x00, 5x00, 4x00, 3x00, Systems and CPU/Memory Boards Cleaning Guide Provides instructions on how to clean and inspect the connector pads and contact pins when removing a CPU/Memory board.
Sun Enterprise 10000 System Board Installation Instructions Provides information about what patches you need to install based on your SSP version.
Sun Enterprise 10000, 6x00, 5x00, 4x00, 3x00 System and CPU/Memory Boards Thermal Pad Installation Guide Provides procedures to replace the old exposed thermal pads or the newer wrapped thermal pads on the CPU/Memory boards.
Sun Enterprise 10000 System Centerplane Installation Provides information about what patches you need to install based on your SSP version.
Sun Enterprise 10000 System SBus Bracket Kit Installation Instructions Provides instructions on how to install the SBus bracket.
OpenSSP White Paper Describes how to set up and verify third-party software on System Service Processor (SSP) workstations


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