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Sun Enterprise[tm] 10000 Server: Repair Procedures

This section provides the most common repair procedures for the Enterprise 10000. The repair procedures are provided in the Sun Enterprise 10000 System Service Manual (805-2917).

Clustered Hardware Note: When repairing a clustered system, you should replace server components by first switching over the data services to the functioning server, halting the host to be serviced, powering down the host, and then performing the hardware procedure to replace the component. Following the procedure, the logical hosts should be switched back to the default masters.

Section Number
AC Input Module
AC Sequencer
Air Filter
  • New guidelines have been introduced for air filter maintenance (FIN I0614-1).
Centerboard Support Board
  • The current E10000 System Board insertion technique places improper loads on the System Board/Centerplane mating connector and may damage the connector (FIN I0675-1).
Control Board
CPU (Processor) Modules
  • Failure to handle CPU Modules correctly can result in physical damage; proper torquing techniques are required (FIN I0403-2).
  • Configuring 336 MHz CPU modules into a Enterprise 10000 system (FIN I0404-1).
  • Cleaning kit available for cleaning silicon oil from CPU module on the system board (FIN I0567-1).
  • The current diagnostic procedure to identify the faulty CPU module from CPU Ecache parity errors is flawed, and it could easily lead to the wrong CPU being replaced (FIN I0570-3).
  • Booting from the network can fail with Solaris 2.5.1 and Solaris 2.6 when using 464MHz or faster processors (FIN I0707-1).
  • New capability is available on E10000 systems to identify MSRAM modules from POST output (FIN I0849-1).
DC Breaker
Fan Tray
  • Troubleshooting ECC memory errors using an MM to P translation map (FIN I0396-1).
  • DIMMs are being unnecessarily replaced on Enterprise 10000 servers (FIN I0805-1).
Memory Module
PCI Card
PCI I/O Module
PCI Riser Card
Personality Plate
Power Supply
  • Internal data connectors in an E10K may come loose during shipment, causing power supplies to not function (FIN I0673-1).
SBus Card
  • FC-AL, Gigabit Ethernet 1.1, SunSwift, or SunFastEthernet SBus cards should not be installed in SBus slots labeled slot 1 on Enterprise 10000 servers (FIN I0405-4).
  • Installation of the QFE Sbus Card (X1049A) on an E10000 domain running Solaris 2.5.1 or 2.6HW2 will require 'special instructions' to successfully complete the installation (FIN I0411-1).
  • SunATM-155 SBus board replacement may render interface unrecognizable (FIN I0412-1).
  • Sun FDDI SBus Adapter 5.0 SAS/DAS mounting screws may not fit the EMI plate due to excessive plating (FIN I0469-1).
  • Customers using SBus Dual FC Adapter (X6757A) at Rev. 50 may notice slow performance on sequential write operations (FIN I0821-1).
  • SBus bracket kit may be needed when installing SBus cards in Enterprise 10000 systems (FIN I0678-1).
  • SunSwift Cards could experience intermittent but fatal errors at power up (FCO A0161-1).
  • Large quantities of UDWIS/SBus Host Adapters installed may not come up after reboot due to miscommunication between the SCSI host and the target (FCO A0163-1).
  • SCI cards installed in E10000 systems may not initialize properly (FCO A0184-1).
SBus I/O Module
  • Installation of certain SBus cards in slot 1 of older I/O Mezzanine Boards has been found to cause unpredictable behavior, including resets, offlines, and undetected data corruption (FCO A0155-1).
System Board
  • System board handling and cleaning procedure (FIN I0338-3).
  • A few defective covers have been identified on the Ultra Enterprise 10000 system boards (FIN I0344-1).
  • An SSP power patch is required to operate 2760A/2761A system boards (FIN I0464-1).
  • After installing SF+ system boards, domains may not reboot (FIN I0468-1).
  • The current E10000 System Board insertion technique places improper loads on the System Board/Centerplane mating connector and may damage the connector (FIN I0675-1).
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