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Sun Enterprise[tm] 10000 Server: SRDBs

SRDB Synopsis
46001 Sun Enterprise[TM] 10000: SSP with IP address ending in .255 unable to issue basic commands
44350 Sun Enterprise[TM] 10000: Reinstalling SSP software on SSP 3.4 and/or 3.5
42949 Sun Enterprise[TM] 10000: panic cannot allocate i/o mmu tsb arrays
42207 Sun Enterprise[TM] 10000: Bringup fails with "Starting obp_helper -m 40 -A -on... failed! (os status 0x100, exit code 1)"
23210 Potential E10K domain outages with new centerplane
22901 hpost failure: SysIO RAM Error
22647 netcon_server fails to start after upgrade to SSP 3.1.1: syslog: VerExec: ERR:, 261: netcon_server error
22228 The values of dr-max-mem from eeprom and the kernel do not agree - why?
22227 What is required to enable/disable DR for each OS release?
22221 I'm seeing GROW wakeups and SHRNK wakeups messages, with references to DR. What are these?
22011 client-server performance issues on E10K, EX500, new O/S install
21990 hpost failure - couldn't determine current bus config
21979 E10000 error during "boot net - install" - krtld: error during initial load/link phase
21028 hpost failure; ERR: libcbs:cbs_check_chain_length:libscan error
19476 Boot fails with "munged memory list" errors
18562 Cannot connect to Starfire domain via netcon
18561 starfire domain panics while booting "Couldn't load stub module"
18334 boot net fails on my E10K domain, but it used to work fine
18300 Troubleshooting hung E10K domains
18060 How to backup and restore Alternate Pathing databases
18052 dr_daemon: fatal: open failed: No such file or directory
17954 Domain does not come up after reboot : "Cannot read CBE information from snmpd."
17782 cvcd uses up 100% of a CPU
17623 Alternative procedure to set up and fail over to a spare SSP.
17574 Solaris 2.5.1 E10k domain fails to boot from net: Error: Fast Data Access MMU Miss
17493 Setting up E10000 Domain to Boot from Net
16774 "/sbin/cvcd-(HOSTNAME:'domain'): lost data output" error
16764 netcon fails to get connected.
16575 How to detach a system board with DR using the command line interface
16476 ether_hostton errors from cb_reset
16446 apdb command fails with "Resource temporarily unavailable"
15584 cvcd loops when it cannot connect to the host in /etc/ssphostname
15198 XDB X.2 config failure if no IO module is present
15704 Adding new meta disks to an existing array on a E10000

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