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Sun StorEdge[tm] L700 Tape Library: Field Information Notices

Implementation (Impl.):
= Mandatory (Fully Pro-Active)

= Controlled Pro-Active (per Sun Geo Plan)

= Reactive (As Required)

Components Affected Description
Differential Ultra/Wide SCSI UDWIS/S (370-2443-02) UDWIS/SBus Host Adapter with isp-fcode 1.28 can cause "invalid command" during probe-scsi-all or boot -hv from a StorEdge D1000.
Differential Ultra/Wide SCSI UDWIS/S (370-2443-0X)
Single Ended Fast/Wide SCSI SWIS/S (370-1703-0X)
Differential Fast/Wide SCSI DWIS/S (370-1704-0X)
When a SCSI bus reset is issued under heavy i/o, the isp driver causes the sd driver to report i/o errors. Any configuration with an isp driver version prior to the fix to bug 4280783 may be affected. The most likely configuration to experience this problem is multi-hosted and shared storage devices e.g. A3x00 (SCSI version only), A1000, D1000 etc. connected to differential SCSI cards using the isp driver, or MultiPack, UniPack etc. connected to single-ended SCSI cards using the isp driver.
Differential Ultra/Wide SCSI UDWIS/S (370-2443-01) Intermittently, SCSI devices connected to a UDWIS card may not be usable after a reboot. This can prevent a system from booting if the UDWIS card connected to the boot device is affected. This problem is due to some issues in FCode versions less than 1.28 in the UDWIS card. When it is booting, the card fails to send a SCSI bus reset, or the SCSI bus reset is not held long enough to meet the SCSI specification, or the card fails to initialize correctly. This leads to the attached SCSI devices failing to negotiate correctly with the host.

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