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Netra[tm] 20 Server: Related Documentation

Part Number
Netra 20: Just the Facts (10/16/01) Provides reference information about positioning, target market, system architecture, and ordering.
Netra 20 LEDs Provides LED information for the front panel and back panel.
Netra 20, Netra t 1120/1125/1400/1405 Adjustable Rackmount Installation Guide For 19-inch Racks up to 800mm deep, including the Sun 72-inch Expansion Rack Describes the procedure for fitting the adjustable telescopic slide rackmount kit for these systems.
  • Netra t 1120/1125
  • Netra t 1400/1405
  • Netra 20/Netra T4
Netra 20 Installation and User's Guide

Part I, Installation, describes the installation of the Netra 20 server.

Part II, User Guide, provides information about the system administration and software operation of the Netra 20 server.

Netra 20 Compliance and Safety Manual Provides the detailed compliance and safety information for the Netra 20.
Netra 20 Service and System Reference Manual

Part I, Service, is written for technicians, advanced computer system end-users with experience in replacing hardware and troubleshooting, system administrators, and authorized service providers (ASPs). Only suitably qualified service personnel may carry out tasks described in this manual that involve the removal of the top cover.

Part II, System Reference, is written for OEM engineers, system designers and application programmers who have to perform advanced tasks concerned with the maintenance and configuration of the system.

Netra 20 FRUs and Optional Components This booklet provides a list of the Netra 20 system field replaceable units (FRUs) and optional components.
Netra 20 Release Notes Lists the differences between the printed manuals and your delivered Netra 20 system. This includes information about delivered CDs, erratum, checking the status of PSU LEDs, connecting a modem to the LOMlite2 port, flow control feature, login-timeout feature, installation issues, and software issues (known bugs).


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