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Sun Blade[tm] 150 Workstation: Related Documentation

Part Number
Sun Blade 150 Workstation: Just the Facts (8/20/02) Provides reference information about positioning, target market, system architecture, and ordering.
Sun Blade 150 Getting Started Guide Provides information about workstation installation and setup, using the preinstalled Solaris 8 operating environment, using additional preinstalled software applications, installing optional workstation hardware and troubleshooting. Written for end users that have installed computer workstation hardware and software.


Sun Blade 150 Product Notes Contains late-breaking information about changes to the Sun Blade 150 hardware, software, and product documentation. These product notes are a summary of the changes that became known after the product documentation set was published. Information includes IEEE 1394 High Speed Digital Interface (Firewire) notes on connecting a camera or video device, Memory notes, DIMM replacement information, monitor cabling information, Smart Card Reader II required patches for the Solaris 8 02/02 operating environment, Smart Card Reader II LED indicator status, SunPCi Card II memory requirements, Solaris Operating Environment and Supporting Software patches, documentation information, and a correction to the SDRAM Address Multiplexing Table C-4a published in Appendix C of the Sun Blade 150 Service Manual (816-4379-10).


Sun Blade 150 Service Manual Provides detailed procedures that describe the removal and replacement of serviceable parts and options in the Sun Blade 150. The service manual also includes information about the use and maintenance of the system. This book is written for technicians, system administrators, authorized service providers (ASPs), and advanced computer system end users who have experience troubleshooting and replacing hardware.
Sun Blade 100 and Sun Blade 150 Video and Serial Port Extension Kit Documentation that comes with the Video and Serial Port Extension Kit shows how to plug the two port extenders into the video and serial ports at the rear of the Sun Blade 100 or 150.
Replacement Smart Card Reader for Sun Blade Systems Provides instructions to verify correct Solaris operating environment and patches. Provides LED Indicators. Advises the smart card can be inserted into the SCR II face-up or face-down.
Sun Blade 150 CD-ROM, DVD-ROM, and Hard Drive Installation Guide Provides instructions for installing a CD-ROM, DVD-ROM, or hard drive in the Sun Blade 150
Sun Blade 150 DIMM Installation Guide Provides instructions on how to install memory DIMMs into a Sun Blade 150 system.
Sun Blade 100 and Sun Blade 150 Workstations: Differences Describes the differences between the Sun Blade 100 and Sun Blade 150 and highlights any significant changes from a service or service-training perspective.


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