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Sun Fire[tm] 12K / 15K Server: Field Information Notices

The following list does not include related external storage FINs, unless they are specific to the system.

Implementation (Impl.):
= Mandatory (Fully Pro-Active)

= Controlled Pro-Active (per Sun Geo Plan)

= Reactive (As Required)


Components Affected Description
Sun Fire 12K
Sun Fire 15K
Updating the LPOST image on Sun Fire 12K/15K System Boards does not require that domains be brought down. Following the LPOST update procedures provided in this FIN will allow field personnel to update firmware in a more timely manner and will prevent unnecessary downtime for customer domains.
Gigabit Ethernet 2.0 (GBE/P)(501-4373-xx, X1141A)
Sun Gigaswift Ethernet MMF (501-5524-xx, X1151A)
Adapter boards capable of 66MHz operation may only run at 33MHz when installed into 66MHz PCI I/O slots on Sun Fire 12K/15K platforms.
Sun Fire 12K
Sun Fire 15K
Explorer 3.5.2 and 3.5.3 do not collect FRUID data by default from any UltraSPARC III platforms via the Solaris 'prtfru' command due to problems executing this command on Sun Fire 12K/15K systems. Explorer 3.6 only collects FRUID data for platforms other than Sun Fire 12K/15K. These issues prevent service personnel from using FRUID information as a valuable tool in supporting customer systems.
Sun Fire 12K
Sun Fire 15K
In rare instances, Sun Fire 12K/15K domains may fail to boot due to an LPOST issue. This issue has only been observed during Sun internal testing, but has the potential to cause loss of availability for customer domains.
ASSY CPU-4PROC USIIIP 900+ MHz (540-5052-02 or lower)
ASSY CPU-2PROC USIII 750MHz (540-4729-04 or lower)
ASSY CPU-4PROC USIII 750MHz (540-4730-04 or lower)
ASSY CPU-2PROC USIIIP 900+ MHz (540-5051-02 or lower)
ASSY CPU DUAL 750MHz AL A30 (501-5818-06 or lower)
ASSY CPU-4GB/4PROC USIII 900+ MHz (540-4934-03 or lower)
ASSY CPU-8GB/4PROC USIII 900+ MHz (540-4992-02 or lower)
ASSY CPU-16GB/4PROC USIII 900+ MHz (540-4990-03 or lower)
ASSY CPU-32GB/4PROC USIII 900+ MHz (540-4993-02 or )
ASSY CPU-2GB/2PROC USIII 900+ MHz (540-4984-02 or lower)
Guidelines for understanding and diagnosing UltraSPARC III Level 2 (L2) SRAM Cache Memory Errors.
Sun Fire 12K
Sun Fire 15K
SunVTS versions prior to 5.1
SunVTS releases prior to 5.1 may not run CPU tests on Sun Fire 12K/15K domains. If a domain does not contain at least one System Board in slots 0-3, 'cputest' will not execute on processors in that domain. SunVTS is the primary hardware diagnostic tool used by service personnel. The inability to run 'cputest' prevents complete hardware diagnostics from being run on Sun Fire 12K/15K domains. It is possible that bad hardware may not be detected.
Sun Fire 12K
Sun Fire 15K
Sun Fire 12K/15K System Controllers (SCs) built prior to September 2002 may not be able to save a crash dump due to a misconfiguration issue.
X2222A Dual FE + Dual SCSI PCI Adapter (501-5727)
X1151A GigaSwift Ethernet MMF PCI Adapter (501-5524)
PCI adapters in F12K/15K domains may intermittently fail following a reset, reboot or "setkeyswitch on" operation. The failure may prevent the domain from booting or cause a loss of access to devices such as disks or networks. It is also possible for the failure to cause an OS panic. Any panic may potentially cause disk file system corruption.
Gigabit Ethernet (501-5209-07 or lower) UltraSPARC III systems may panic due to a conflict between the Schizo 2.4 ASIC and the GigaSwift Ethernet PCI Card.
Sun Fire 15K SMS1.2 patches 112488-07 (or higher) and 112483-05 (or higher) are required for proper operation of UltraSparc-III 1050MHz processors on Sun Fire 15K domains. Without these patches, the 1050MHz processors could exhibit unpredictable behavior due to incorrect voltage and temperature settings. This unsupported configuration could result in unexpected operational delays for affected customers.
Sun Fire 12K
Sun Fire 15K
A Sun Fire 12K or 15K domain may Domain Stop (Dstop) during heavy I/O load. All execution and activity on the domain is interrupted. The Dstop could result in data loss.
This issue can occur in the following releases:

Sun Fire 12K/15K SMS 1.1
Sun Fire 12K/15K SMS 1.2 without patch 112488-06

ASSY CPU-4PROC USIIIP 900+ MHz (540-5052-02 or below)
ASSY CPU-2PROC USIII 750MHz (540-4729-04 or below)
ASSY CPU-4PROC USIII 750MHz (540-4730-04 or below)
ASSY CPU-2PROC USIIIP 900+ MHz (540-5051-02 or below)
ASSY CPU DUAL 750MHz AL A30 (501-5818-06 or below)
ASSY CPU-4GB/4PROC USIII 900+ MHz (540-4934-03 or below)
ASSY CPU-8GB/4PROC USIII 900+ MHz (540-4992-02 or below)
ASSY CPU-16GB/4PROC USIII 900+ MHz (540-4990-03 or below)
ASSY CPU-32GB/4PROC USIII 900+ MHz (540-4993-02 or below)
ASSY CPU-2GB/2PROC USIII 900+ MHz (540-4984-02 or below)
UltraSPARC III based platforms could be susceptible to Correctable Fast ECC (UCC) errors that could cause a system panic resulting in loss of service of the system. Any UltraSPARC III based server running Solaris 8 without PatchId 108528-15 can be affected. Systems running Solaris 9 are not affected, and pre-Solaris 8 is not supported on these platforms. This issue has typically been seen on 900MHz UltraSPARC III based processors, although other UltraSPARC III based processors have been impacted as well.
ASSY CPU-4PROC USIIIP 900+ MHz (540-5052-02)
ASSY CPU-2PROC USIII 750MHz (540-4729-04)
ASSY CPU-4PROC USIII 750MHz (540-4730-04)
ASSY CPU-2PROC USIIIP 900+ MHz (540-5051-02)
ASSY CPU-4GB/4PROC USIII 900+ MHz (540-4934-03)
ASSY CPU-8GB/4PROC USIII 900+ MHz (540-4992-02)
ASSY CPU-16GB/4PROC USIII 900+ MHz (540-4990-03)
ASSY CPU-32GB/4PROC USIII 900+ MHz (540-4993-02)
ASSY CPU-2GB/2PROC USIII 900+ MHz (540-4984-02)
Sun Fire CPU/Memory Boards are being damaged when components are knocked off due to improper handling. Surface Mounted Devices on the bottom of these system boards are susceptible to being knocked off by rough handling. This damage may cause the boards to fail immediately or make them subject to failure at a later time.
PCI Dual FC Network Adapter+ (375-3030-01)
PCI Single FC Host Adapter (375-3019-01)
hsPCI I/O Board w/ Cassettes (501-6302-03 or lower)
hsPCI I/O Board w/o Cassettes (501-5397-11 or lower)
3.3V hsPCI Cassette (501-5599-07 or lower)
Some pcisch driver panics on F15K systems are unrelated to failed hardware
Power Supply, 48v (300-1413)
Power Chassis (370-4055)
Logic Centerplane (501-4936)
System Controller Board (501-5121)
Expander Board (501-5179)
Power Centerplane (501-5183)
Fan Backplane (501-5271)
Centerplane Support Board (501-5378)
HsPCI Board (501-5397)
SC Peripheral Board (501-5418)
Nordica Board (CP1500) (501-5473)
3.3v Cassette (501-5599)
5.0v Cassette (501-5600)
Frame Manager (540-3883)
Fan Tray (540-4050)
540-4730 CPU Board
CPU Board (540-5051)
CPU Board (540-5052)
Sun Fire 15K/12K failure logs must be returned with defective FRUs to ensure correct problem diagnosis and FRU repair. When returning F15K and F12K FRUs which have functionally failed, the appropriate files must be captured and sent to this alias:
Sun Fire 15
Sun StorEdge T3/T3+
Sun Fire 15K servers cannot boot from Sun StorEdge T3/T3+ Arrays due to an issue with the Sun FCP SCSI Device Driver.
Sun Fire 12K
Sun Fire 15K
Domains on Sun Fire 12K/15K systems may suffer domain stops (DSTOP) with a signature of "CP arbiter lockstep consistency check error".
Sun Fire 15K/12K LEDs on expander, CPU, and hsPCI boards The LEDs on the Expander, CPU, and hsPCI boards of Sun Fire 15K and 12K systems may fail to light upon cold start. The failure of the LEDs to light does not indicate any real problem and there is no impact on system operation. However, service personnel may mistakenly reseat or replace good boards.
Expander Board (501-5179-16 or lower) Sun Fire 15K domains containing Expanders with hardware dash revision 16 or less may dstop due to bug 4505200.
ASSY HsPCI I/O Board (501-5397-08 or lower) Sun Fire 15K domains may panic due to problem with Schizo 2.2 ASICs on hsPCI I/O Boards.
ASSY MaxCPU Board 900MHz (501-6138-04)
Assy Fan Tray Starcat (540-4050-08 or lower)
Installation of MaxCPU board in Sun Fire 15K and 12K systems requires SMS patches and new fan tray
Solaris 8 2/02 (Update 7) DVD Installation DVD installation of Solaris 8 Update 7 on Sun Fire 15K and Sun Enterprise 10000 servers does not execute platform specific finish scripts, which leads to loss of functionality for these systems. The installation will complete and domains can be booted, but System Controller or SSP functions will be impacted.
Sun Fire 15K Upgrading an F15K system from SMS 1.1 to SMS 1.2 using the software provided with Solaris 8 Update 7 might cause serious system problems if the proper steps are not followed. Failure to follow the amended upgrade procedure, as detailed in this FIN, will result in the loss of operation of the system controller being upgraded. The SMS system daemons will not start properly, and the controller will be unable to assume control of the platform. The platform and domain states will not be preserved. Operation of running domains might be interrupted.
HsPCI ASSY F15000 Base+ Lic (X4575A) For Sun Fire 15K systems with SMS 1.1, the LEDs on Hot-Swap PCI Cassettes might show incorrect board status, leading to a domain panic when PCI cassettes are removed for service. This situation can occur when POST incorrectly programs the cassette's LEDs, which could lead to the accidental removal of an hsPCI cassette.
Sun Dual FE + Dual SCSI PCI Adapter (501-5727-03 ) Sun Fire 15000 domains with a newly installed Sun Dual Fast Ethernet + Dual SCSI PCI Adapter (X2222A) will not be able to boot Solaris 8 10/01 (U6) unless patch 109885-08 or higher is applied. As a result, Dstop errors could be encountered which would prevent a Sun Fire 15000 domain from booting.
Sun Fire 15K Running POST on one domain may Dstop all other running domains on Sun Fire 15K systems with SMS 1.1.
System Control Board (501-5121-10) All Sun Fire 15K systems running SMS 1.1 or SMS 1.2 do not have the osdTimeDeltas file in the file propagation list. If a failover occurs, this could result in a rollback of a domain's Time Of Day. Such a shift in time has unforseen effects on applications.
Sun Fire 15K Without the appropriate SMS 1.1 patch for the SC OBP, both external network interfaces on the Sun Fire 15K System Controller will have the same MAC address. This poses a problem if both interfaces, hme0 and eri1, are configured into the same Internet Protocol Multipathing (IPMP) group. This can lead to network connectivity problems. Ultimately, IPMP could mark all paths as FAILED, which would induce an SC failover.
System Control Board (501-5121-10) Sun Fire 15K systems shipped between August 13, 2001 and January 3, 2002 (inclusive) may not have the appropriate Solaris FRU ID packages installed on the System Controllers. Affected system controllers are missing the following packages:
  • SUNWfruid
  • SUNWfruip.u
  • SUNWfruix
  • SUNWpiclh
  • SUNWpiclr
  • SUNWpiclu
  • SUNWpiclx
The end result is that attempts to run the 'prtfru' utility fail.
Sun Fire 15K Upgrades to the factory installed SMS software on Sun Fire 15K systems might overwrite the Capacity On Demand blacklist file.
0MB 440MHz CP1500 CPU (501-5473-XX)
System Controller (501-5994-xx)
If you insert a common off-the-shelf CP1500 board (commonly called the Nordica) into a Sun Fire 15K System Controller (SC), it will have two new and different MAC-addresses compared with the defective one. As a result of this new MAC-address, the hostid of the System Controller will change. The above will result in failure when trying to boot or install the SC over the network, since no hosts will respond to its new MAC-adress. Also, software licensed against the old hostid will stop working.
Sun Fire 15K The Sun Fire 15K may get false warning messages about overtemp conditions when the processors are actually within an acceptable temperature range. The Sun Fire 15K platform with SMS 1.1 has a software packaging issue in that the tuning file cannot be patched, and must therefore be adjusted manually and periodically to update environmental thresholds. If this manual tuning is not done, customers experience these false overtemp warning messages. All Sun Fire 15K installations running SMS 1.1 are affected. This packaging issue has been corrected in SMS 1.2.
UltraSPARC III family processors (see FIN for list of part numbers affected) Issues with the diagnosing of "send mondo" panics in systems based on the UltraSPARC III family of processors have been noticed. The UltraSPARC III family of processors includes both the UltraSPARC III and UltraSPARC III Cu processors. The frequency and misdiagnosis of the issue seems to be increasing and in many cases has caused customer dissatisfaction due to parts being replaced unnecessarily and the occurrence of additional outages.
System Expander Board (501-5179-18 or lower) Due to a bug in the AXQ ASIC which resides on the System Expander Board of the F15K, a Solaris panic can occur if too many outstanding noncacheable Programmed I/O transactions are awaiting service. A transaction may then timeout in the Schizo ASIC causing the Solaris device driver(s) to panic.
440MHZ 2MBE$ (501-5473-12 or below) When inserting a common off-the-shelf CP1500 CPU board (501-5473-12 or below) into a Sun Fire 15000 System Controller (SC) without updating the firmware on the FPROMS, the System Management Software (SMS) will not be able to start correctly (if at all), leaving the entire SC in an unusable state. This condition will prevent the use of any SMS commands and make it impossible to power-up system boards or boot domains on the Sun Fire 15000.
Memory DIMMs Too many Memory DIMMs are being unnecessarily replaced on UltraSPARC III family of systems utilizing NG-DIMM memory
Sun Fire CPU/MEM W/2 U3PL-900 0MB (540-5051-02)
Sun Fire CPU/MEM W/4 U3PL-900 0MB (540-5052-02)
A number of incorrectly programmed 900 MHz CPU/Memory boards have been shipped to Sun customers. The CPU/Memory boards will operate at 750 MHz instead of 900 MHz. When these incorrectly programmed boards are introduced into Sun Fire 15000/6800/4810/4800/3800 systems, the performance of the system will be degraded. The affected systems / domains will run at lower or mixed speed without any panics or disruption to customer operations.
Ethernet RIO Interface (eri) driver Sun Servers which utilize the "eri" driver could be susceptible to Ethernet link errors or hangs.
Sun Fire 15K server The System Management Software (SMS) on the System Controller (SC) monitors and controls the operation of a Sun Fire 15K system. Installing additional software on the SC may adversely impact SMS's critical mission of monitoring and controlling the Sun Fire 15K system.
System Control Board (501-5121-10) Sun Fire 15K installations running System Management Software 1.1 (SMS) might not complete HPOST and will not boot Solaris if the 'setkeyswitch' command is run at the same time on multiple domains. This may lead to a power recovery or a global DStop where recovery of all domains is attempted.
System Controller

Sun Fire 15K System Controller should be configured with at least 2 Gbytes swap space.



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