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Sun Fire[tm] 12K / 15K Server: InfoDocs

InfoDoc Synopsis
50043 EIS methodology required on all Sun Fire[TM] 15K, Sun[TM] Cluster 3.0, and Sun StorEdge[TM] 9900 installs
49667 Sun Fire[TM] 12K/15K Dynamic Reconfiguration Considerations
48395 Sun Fire[TM] 15K: POST level increments with repeated error
47497 Sun Fire[TM] 12K/15K: Testing a single slot 0 board with no slot 1 board in a domain
47468 Sun Fire[TM] 12K/15K: How to Update the FPROMs on a system board
47432 Sun Fire[TM] 12K/15K: How can you disable/enable domain ASR recovery?
47431 Sun Fire[TM] 12K/15K: How can you determine the revision of the IO boat schizo's?
46780 Instructions on how to gather data from a hung Sun Fire[TM] domain.
44503 How to run extended explorer on a Sun Fire[TM] System.
27538 How to gather information at the OK prompt
27431 Sun Fire (3800-15000): Marketing Product Names and Former Codenames history

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