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Sun Fire[tm] 280R Server: Related Documentation

Part Number
Sun Fire 280R: Just the Facts (9/10/02) Provides reference information about positioning, target market, system architecture, and ordering.
Sun Remote System Control (RSC) 2.0 User's Guide Describes how to configure and use Sun Remote System Control (RSC) software.
Sun Fire 280R Server Setup and Rackmounting Guide Provides instructions for installing and setting up the Sun Fire 280R server in an Electronic Industries Association (EIA)-compliant standard rack.
Sun Fire 280R Server Owner's Guide

Answers your questions about setting up and running the Sun fire 280R server. Features and options, setup and installation, troubleshooting, network administration information, and system management topics for the Sun fire 280R are covered.

With the exception of internal disk drives in the Sun Fire 280R server, all component part installation or replacement is to be performed by a qualified service provider.

Sun Fire 280R Server Service Manual Provides detailed procedures that describe the removal and replacement of components of the Sun Fire 280R server. The service manual also includes information about the use and maintenance of the system.
Sun Fire 280R Server Product Notes Contains new information relevant to known problems and issues affecting the Sun Fire 280R server.
Sun Fire 280R Server Supplementary Product Notes Supplements the Sun Fire 280R Server Product Notes (806-4808).
Sun Remote System Control (RSC) 2.1 Release Notes Contains information about Sun Remote System Control (RSC) 2.1 hardware and software issues.
Sun Enterprise 220R/420R Server / Sun Fire 280R Server Rackmounting Overview Shows you how to install the Sun Enterprise 220R/420R and Sun Fire 280R workgroup server into a Sun expansion cabinet or other EIA-compliant rack enclosure.
Site Planning Guide for Workgroup Servers Designed to assist Sun customers who have purchased Sun workgroup servers and seek information about the proper way to house the servers in a data center. It provides information about the servers power consumption, cooling requirements, electrical specifications, and space requirements after the servers are mounted in EIA compliant racks.
READ ME: Important Patch Installation Required (Sun Blade 1000 and Sun Enterprise[tm] 280R) Provides information about how to patch the Solaris[tm] Operating Environments before Solaris 8 7/01.
Sun Fire 280R Server: UltraSPARC III Cu CPU Module Installation Guide Provides the system requirements for installing an UltraSPARC III Cu CPU module in a Sun Fire 280R server. Detailed instructions for installing the module in the chassis are available in an illustrated booklet, Sun Fire 280R CPU Module Installation and Removal Instructions (PN 806-6884-02), which is attached to the Sun Fire 280R airflow guide.
Installing a Fan Tray in a Sun Fire 280R Server Describes how to install a fan tray into a Sun Fire 280R Server.
Sun Remote System Control (RSC) 2.2 User s Guide for Supported Sun Workgroup Servers Describes how to configure and use Sun Remote System Control software.
Sun Remote System Control (RSC) 2.2 Release Notes Deals with Sun Remote System Control (RSC) 2.2 hardware and software issues. For complete information about using RSC, see the Sun Remote System Control (RSC) 2.2 User s Guide.

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