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Sun Fire[tm] 6800 Server: InfoDocs

InfoDoc Synopsis
49649 Sun Fire[TM] 3800-6800: Upgrading the firmware from 5.11.X or 5.12.X to 5.14.X
49245 Sun Fire[TM] 6800: What happens if one power grid fails?
49242 Sun Fire[TM] 6800, 4800, 4810, 3800: How are MAC addresses assigned to domains?
49202 Sun Fire[TM] 3800-6800: CPU/Memory Board Dynamic Reconfiguration (DR) Considerations
49128 Sun Fire [TM] 3800/48x0/6800 Frame Manager FAQ
47950 What is the command used to display the serial number of a Sun Fire [TM] 3800/ 4800/4810/6800 machine remotely ?
47824 Device Paths for the Sun Fire [TM] 3800/4800/4810/6800 I/O Assemblies
46780 Instructions on how to gather data from a hung Sun Fire[TM] domain.
45890 Sun Fire[TM] 3800-6800: Firmware revision 5.13.x issues and work arounds
44503 How to run extended explorer on a Sun Fire[TM] System.
43631 Sun Fire[TM] (3800-6800): Navigating Between Shells
43382 What are the requirements for DR on the Sun Fire [TM] Servers ?
42950 Sun Fire 3800/4800/4810/6800 Systems flashprom update shortcut
42861 Q & A about Dynamic Reconfiguration (DR) on Sun Fire 3800 - 6800
41723 Updating the Sun Fire [TM] X800 series Flash Proms!
41342 Sun Fire example of dumpconfig and restoreconfig
28285 Sun Fire (3800-6800) - Centerplane/ID board configuration answers
27553 How to configure a loghost on a Sun Fire (3800-6800)
27538 How to gather information at the OK prompt
27432 Sun Fire (3800-6800): Physical Device Mapping for I/O boats
27431 Sun Fire (3800-15000): Marketing Product Names and Former Codenames history
27430 Sun Fire (3800-6800): Layout of memory on CPU/System boards
27428 Sun Fire (3800-6800) System Controller Application (ScApp) How To's
26286 Sun Fire[TM] 3800-6800: System Controller failover functionality
24656 Solaris continued to run without any message in /var/adm/messages and no "service" LEDs were lit after a fault was injected on the Sun Fire Fireplane Interconnect
18474 Flashprom Patches / Minimum OS revisions for Ultra Systems

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