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Sun Fire[tm] 6800 Server: SRDBs

SRDB Synopsis
48834 Sun Fire[TM] 3800-6800: Troubleshooting NCPQ_TO errors
48666 Sun Fire[TM] 3800-6800: Usage: error from using DR (cfgadm)
48529 Sun Fire[tm] Connection refused, console busy
48026 Sun Fire[TM] server: CE errors are not always caused by bad memory
46760 Sun Fire[TM] 3800-6800: server hangs when kmem_flags are enabled
45889 Sun Fire[TM] 3800-6800: Upgrade to firmware 5.13.x causes loss of network settings on the SC
45887 Sun Fire[TM] 3800-6800: flashupdate -c/-u doesn't operate correctly
45886 Sun Fire[TM] 3800-6800: flashupdate doesn't update ScApp (and RTOS)
45885 Sun Fire[TM] 3800-6800: Rebooting a domain after firmware update to 5.12.6 fails
45687 send break does not always work on Sun Fire [TM] platform
45120 UltraSPARC[R] III: ECC Errors Incorrectly Reported
40590 Sun Fire (3800-6800) error: noname Chassis-Port.SC: WARNING: hostid information is missing
40588 Sun Fire[TM]: noname Chassis-Port.SC: WARNING: hostid information is missing
28506 Sun Fire (3800-6800) panics with error: Privileged Bus Error
28263 Sun Fire (3800-6800) panics with PCI bus errors
27735 Sun Fire (3800-6800): Flashupdate over ftp fails if user has special characters within password
27539 Sun Fire (3800-6800) FTP login failure while doing flashupdate on a System Controller
27367 Flash updates on SC fail on Sun Fire (3800-6800) using SunWebserver 2.0
27088 Using SSC1 as primary system controller does not work properly on Sun Fire (3800-6800)
27065 Running diag-level = mem2 or mem1 on Sun Fire (3800-6800) server causes timeouterror.
26880 boot cdrom doesn't work on Sun Fire (3800-6800)
26879 Solaris won't boot off of any device on a Sun Fire (3800-6800)
26876 Sun Fire (3800-6800): Upgrading RTOS and/or SCapp without SCapp
26875 Disabling Capacity On Demand (COD) on Sun Fire (3800-6800)
26874 Sun Fire (3800-6800): prtdiag reports Incorrect status on power supplies
26873 Problems loading Solaris on Sun Fire (3800-6800) system with swap > 4GB
26872 Sun Fire (3800-6800): Anomalies in showboards power status
26861 Sensor status warning messages on Sun Fire (3800-6800) systems
26853 Population of memory on Sun Fire (3800-6800) system boards
26852 Obtaining part and serial numbers from Sun Fire (3800-6800) system board
26851 Sun Fire (3800-6800): System Controller setdate to daylight savings time
26849 Configuring the Sun Fire (3800-6800) System Controller Boot Flags
26846 Recovering a lost Sun Fire (3800-6800) platform administrator's password
26845 Sun Fire (3800-6800): Moving system boards from one segment to another
26844 Sun Fire (3800-6800): setdefaults does not reset local-mac-address? parameter

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