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Sun Fire[tm] V480 Server: Related Documentation

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Sun Fire V480 - Just the Facts (9/26/02)

Provides reference information about positioning, target market, system architecture, and ordering.
Sun Remote System Control (RSC) 2.0 User's Guide Describes how to configure and use Sun Remote System Control (RSC) software.
Sun Fire V480 Server Setup Guide and Rackmounting Cabinet (Euro+Eng) Documents installing into a 4-Post expansion cabinet or other EIA-compliant 19-inch (48.26-cm) wide cabinet, installing into a 2-Post rack, setup procedures and 4-Post cabinet requirements.
With the exception of internal disk drives and power supplies, all component part installation or replacement must be performed by a qualified service provider.
Sun Fire V480 4-Post Rackmounting Overview Overviews 4-Post rackmounting in picture format. No text.
Sun Fire V480 Server Administration Guide Provides general descriptive information about the Sun Fire V480 and detailed instructions for installing, configuring and administering the server and for diagnosing problems.
Intended for use by experienced System Administrators and those with advanced familiarity with the Solaris operating environment.
Sun Fire V480 Server Product Notes Important information about installation, features and known system limitations that arrived too late for publication in other documents.
Sun Fire V480 Server Install Doclette (multi) Has an important note for installing a server into an NGR Cabinet.
Sun Fire V480 Parts Installation and Removal Guide Detailed service procedures intended to be used by technicians, system administrators, qualified Sun service providers, and advanced computer system end users who have experience removing and installing server hardware. Does not cover mounting in a cabinet or 2-post rack. Reference 816-0902, the Sun Fire V480 Server Setup and Rackmounting Guide.
Site Planning Guide for Workgroup Servers Designed to assist Sun customers who have purchased Sun workgroup servers and seek information about the proper way to house the servers in a data center. It provides information about the servers power consumption, cooling requirements, electrical specifications, and space requirements after the servers are mounted in EIA compliant racks.
README: Using Sun Fire(TM) V480 Server Online Documentation Documents the contents of the Documentation CD and instructions on access.
Sun Fire V480 Server Quick Start Guide Provides an overview of the tasks required to install a Sun Fire V480 server.


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