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Sun StorEdge[tm] T3 / T3+ Array: Field Information Notices


Implementation (Impl.):
= Mandatory (Fully Pro-Active)

= Controlled Pro-Active (per Sun Geo Plan)

= Reactive (As Required)

Components Affected Description
Sun StorEdge T3+ Sun StorEdge T3+ firmware included with patch 112276-04 and 69x0 firmware with patch 113247-01 or higher provides improved disk error handling.
Sun Fire 15K
Sun StorEdge T3/T3+
Sun Fire 15K servers cannot boot from Sun StorEdge T3/T3+ Arrays due to an issue with the Sun FCP SCSI Device Driver.
Seagate ST336752FC 36.4GB Disk
36GB 15K 1-in FC W/SLED DRV ASSY (540-5178-01)
36GB 15K 1-in FC W/SLED DRV ASSY (540-5179-01)
DRV SEA 36GB 15K 1-in FCAL (390-0099-02)
DRV SEA 36GB 15K 1-in FCAL T3 (390-0101-02)
Seagate ST336752FC (36.4GB) disk drives should not be installed into non-RAID configurations. Seagate ST336752FC (36GB) disk drives should only be installed into configurations which use Veritas Volume Manager or SDS RAID software, or hardware RAID configurations.
Disk Drive Latches Disk drives in some Sun StorEdge T3/T3+ Arrays may be difficult to remove due to sticking drive latches
Seagate 36GB disk (540-4525-01), Seagate 73GB disk (540-4905-01) Seagate ST336605FC 36GB and ST373405FC 73G drives could be susceptible to label corruption.
Brocade 16-port 2Gb switch (370-4949-01)
Brocade 16-port switch (370-4396-01)
Brocade 8-port switch (370-4395-01)
This FIN will explain the field procedure for the installation of Brocade 8 and 16 port switches into a Sun rack. There is no downtime and little customer impact as a result of this issue.
SBus Dual FC Network Adapter (375-3048-01)
SBus I/O Board with SOC+ (501-4266-08)
I/O Board with SOC+ (501-4833-01)
Graphics I/O Board with SOC+ (501-4884-07)
FC-AL SBus Card (FC100/S) (501-5202-03)
FC-AL SBus Card (FC100/S) (501-5266-04)
A3500FC FC-AL Array Ctrlr w/Memory (540-4026-01)
In some configurations, after a Fibre Channel (FC) loop disruption such as a system reboot or a plugging/unplugging of the FC cable at the FC hub, the SOC+ HBA might intermittently take the FC loop down. Also, it is possible that a LIP (Loop Initialization Primitive) received on an idle port of a SOC+ HBA can disrupt I/O activity on the second port of that HBA.
T3/T3+ StorEdge Array T3/T3+ Power Control Unit connectors on the midplane may be damaged by excessive vibration during shipment or operation.
18 GB and 36 GB IBM disk drives Failure analysis results have highlighted a significant failure rate for Drive Not Ready (DNR) on returned IBM 18GB & 36GB disk drives. These failures have been observed to occur as a result of the disk drives either been stored or operated in an extremely hot and humid environments.
FC-AL GBIC Module 100MB/s (option X6731A, 370-2303) This FIN is to inform the field of a new style GBIC that will be shipping with A5X00 Storage Arrays. Installing a FINISAR GBIC in any platform other than A5X00 will result in a restricted access condition which may result in unanticipated downtime.
16-PORT Python Switch (370-4276-01) Some StorEdge Network FC Switch-16 units were assembled and shipped from the vendor with their mounting brackets reversed. This could potentially result in these switches being installed backwards in the 72-inch StorEdge Expansion Cabinet. This improper installation may cause the inlet temperature of the switch to exceed its recommended range and this could affect the performance and the life of the switch. In addition, the connecting fibre cables might be damaged by hitting the rear cabinet door and may require replacement.
OEM Module GBIC Ancor (370-2303-03)
8-port swtch Brocade Silkworm 2400 (370-4395-01)
16-port swtch Brocade Silkworm 2800 (370-4396-01)
IBM GBIC (370-3975-01)
Finisar GBIC (370-4379-01)

Sun Professional Services is selling Brocade Silkworm Switches containing GBIC's which have no Sun label or part number. This FIN will provide guidance for replacing these non-Sun GBIC's in the case of failure. All Brocade Silkworm switches that are re-sold through Sun Professional Services (PS) will contain IBM or Finisar GBIC's without Sun part numbers, which are identical to the short wave GBIC's that Sun currently sells and supports. The Brocade switches themselves will have a Sun part number (370-4395-01 or 370-4396-01) and a serial number label, but the GBIC's in the switches may not have a Sun part number. The non-Sun GBICs will be labeled as follows:

Vendor FAB Markings
Finisar FTR-8519
FC Switch-16 (370-4276)
FC Switch-8 (370-4035)
FC Switch-8 Assy (540-4372)
FC Switch-16 Assy (540-4751)
StorEdge Network FC Switch-8 and StorEdge Network FC Switch-16 products installed in a Storage Area Network (SAN) configuration must have the proper level of firmware installed for proper operation. All switches in the SAN must contain matching firmware versions. Failure to verify and install the correct switch firmware when installing or replacing switches in a SAN can cause the switch to fail. It is important that the firmware of existing switches in a SAN and any replacement switch be checked for compatibility when installing a new switch into the SAN configuration.
18GB Assembly (540-4440-01 )
36GB Assembly (540-4367-01)
73GB Assembly (540-4519-01)
Seagate ST318304FC 18GB (390-0053-01 FW: A726)
Seagate ST336704FC 36GB (390-0056-01 FW: A727)
Seagate ST173404FC 73GB (390-0036-01 FW: A727)
When a failed disk drive is replaced with a new drive in a StorEdge T3 Array, the Loop 2 (APATH or Path 1) path on the new drive fails to properly initialize.
Power Cooling Unit Battery Pack StorEdge T3 Array battery refresh cycle should be changed to 28 days to avoid premature battery failure.
325 Watt Power Supply (300-1453-01 & 300-1454-01) Customers and field personnel may misinterpret certain StorEdge T3 syslog messages which report T3 battery problems. This can result in Power and Cooling Units (PCU) being replaced when they are not bad. This causes unnecessary expense and possible down time for a customer's system.
StorEdge T3 Array
StorEdge T3+ Array
Any customer that uses any third party network security software which actively probes T3s or T3+s on the network may experience the problems stated below depending on the configuration. I/O performance may decrease or data may become inaccessible.
RSM array shelves (370-2343) RSM Array shelves may collapse under weights greater than 40lbs (18.2kg), causing system damage or personal injury.
18GB Disk Assembly (540-4440-01)
36GB Disk Assembly (540-4367-01)
73GB Disk Assembly (540-4519-01)
Seagate ST318304FC 18GB (390-0053-01)
Seagate ST336704FC 36GB (390-0056-01)
Seagate ST173404FC 73GB (390-0036-01)

Sun StorEdge T3 Arrays containing Seagate Cheetah 4 18GB/36GB/73GB drives with firmware versions prior to A72x may experience severe performance degradation due to fatal drive timeouts.


Seagate ST318203FC
(18.2GB - 10000 RPM
FC-AL 540-4191-02)
Seagate ST318304FC
(18.2GB 10000 RPM
FC-AL 540-4440-01)
Seagate ST336704FC
(36.4GB 10000 RPM
FC-AL 540-4525-01)
Seagate ST136403FC
(36.4GB 10000 RPM
FC-AL 540-4367-01)
Seagate ST318304FC
(18.2GB 10000 RPM
FC-AL 540-4673-01)

Seagate ST318304FC and ST336704FC drives will not boot and will not be recognized by host systems running Solaris 2.5.1, 2.6, and early versions of 7 (prior to 11/99) without the correct version of the sf driver patch being installed.

These new generation drives were released as second source 18GB and 36GB FCAL disk drives. These drives are meant to be interchangeable with older generation Seagate drives. The FRU part number for the old and new drives is the same.

FRU Capacity Old Drive New Drive
540-4191-02 18GB ST318203FC ST318304FC
540-4440-01 18GB ST318203FC ST318304FC
540-4673-01 18GB ST318203FC ST318304FC
540-4192-01 36GB ST136403FC ST336704FC
540-4367-01 36GB ST136403FC ST336704FC
StorEdge T3 Array Customers with Sun StorEdge T3 Arrays configured with RAID 1 volumes may expect these volumes to be resilient to multiple non-adjacent disk failures. However, multiple non-adjacent disk failures can still cause data inaccessibility. All the customers who configure RAID 1 LUNs and expect to survive multiple non-adjacent drive failures on those LUNs could experience this problem. Customers may become dissatisfied because a feature they believe they paid for (RAID 1+0) does not work as advertised.
StorEdge T3 Raid Controller
There is a possibility that field personnel may have trouble inserting older-style (J9) StorEdge T3 controller FRU's into a newer-style T3 chassis. The J9 controller may require excessive force to insert and may fail to slide all the way into the chassis. This could result in the controller not seating properly and failing to function.
A5x00 Arrays
T3 Arrays
Fiber channel devices may experience symptoms consistent with marginal signal quality on the GBaud FC-AL loops. Marginal signal quality can be caused by dust particles and/or errant electrostatic discharge (ESD) for GBIC's, backplanes, interface boards, interconnect assemblies, FC-AL drives, and fiber cables.
Symptoms of errors that might be seen include:
excessive "CRC Error" or "scsi parity error" messages
excessive "OFFLINE" messages
excessive "timeout" messages
"Offline Timeout" messages
T3 Arrays How to correctly display disk pathnames for T3 arrays when using Dynamic Multipathing with Veritas Volume Manager.
Diagnostic Cable Kit
( F370-4119-01)
Service diagnostic cables (F370-4119-01) for the StorEdge T3 Array are miswired and may not work. The F370-4119-01 part is a serial maintenance cable used to connect the T3 Array to a terminal or host port connection and provide capability to diagnose complex failure conditions. This problem will impact all field service engineers who have T3 diagnostic cables in their possession. Some diagnostic cables (F370-4119-01) may be miswired and will not function properly. These affected cables were distributed worldwide. The approximate number of distributed cables in each geo are: 60 in Americas, 50 in APAC, and 50 in EMEA.
T3 Array firmware

The -05 rev added this - Changed the Synopsis to include T3+ Patch 112276-xx. Also, removed the reference to specific firmware revisions to make the FIN apply to any future firmware updates for the StorEdge T3 and T3+ Arrays. In the Corrective Action, added Patch 112276-xx for the StorEdge T3+ Array.
The current firmware revision for StorEdge T3 controllers is now 1.17b for all configurations. This firmware provides additional robustness above and beyond that provided by the 1.16c release especially in fault injection scenarios. Because of this additional level of robustness, migrating production systems to 1.17b is highly recommended. The current controller firmware is included with Patch 109115-09. The only difference between 1.17b and 1.17a firmware is one fix that only applies to systems running partner pair configurations in multi-initiator or Cluster configurations.

T3 Arrays Off-line diagnostic test on Sun StorEdge T3 partner pairs may inadvertently put the units into a reboot loop which may require a power-cycle to break out of the loop.
StorEdge Component Manager 2.0 (798-2832-01) When used on a heavily loaded system to monitor multiple enclosures, Component Manager response time can be longer than expected.

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