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Sun StorEdge[tm] T3 / T3+ Array: Repair Procedures

This section provides the most common repair procedures for the T3 and T3+. The repair procedures are provided in the following manual:

Sun StorEdge T3 and T3+ Array Field Service Manual

The table below provides the section and page number that each procedure begins on.

Section / Page Number
Array Controller
4.2 / 4-4
  • The current firmware revision for StorEdge T3 controllers is now 1.17b. Failure to upgrade the T3 firmware may expose customer systems to serious disk availability problems (FIN 0619-4).
Disk Drive
5.3 / 5-7
  • Error installing Solaris on ST318304 FC-AL disk drives: Could not create Solaris disk label [VTOC] (SRDB 24407).
  • When replacing a failed disk, loop 2 (APATH or Path 1) path on new drive may fail (FIN I0691-1).
  • Sun StorEdge T3 Arrays containing Seagate Cheetah 4 18GB/36GB/73GB drives with firmware versions prior to A72x may experience severe performance degradation due to fatal drive timeouts (FIN I0650-1).
  • 18.2GB and 36GB IBM disk drives may be susceptible to early life failures problem (FIN I0724-2).
  • Seagate ST336605FC 36GB and ST373405FC 73G drives could be susceptible to label corruption (FIN I0816-1).
  • Disk drives in some Sun StorEdge T3/T3+ Arrays may be difficult to remove due to sticking drive latches (I0824-1).
Interconnect Card
6.2 / 6-3
Power & Cooling Units
7.3 / 7-4
  • Customers and field personnel may misinterpret certain StorEdge T3 syslog messages which report T3 battery problems. This can result in Power and Cooling Units (PCU) being replaced when they are not bad. This causes unnecessary expense and possible down time for a customer's system. (FIN I0674-1).
  • StorEdge T3 Array battery refresh cycle should be changed to 28 days to avoid premature battery failure (FIN I0677-1).

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