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Ultra[tm] 10 Workstation: SRDBs

SRDB Synopsis
45690 System hangs on serial port when booting
23408 Determining use of OECD versus limit-ecache-size for boot problems
21476 Xserver can not be started on :0.0
21117 Unable to boot after replacing CPU in Ultra 5/10
20576 Installing Solaris 2.5.1 11/97 or Solaris 2.6 HW 5/98 on selected hardware fails with hme0:link down or keyboard input repeats.
18552 How to boot to the 32bit kernel on Solaris 7 running on a Ultra10.
17437 The SAI/P card fails with tip.
17002 Mount failed when installing 2.5.1 11/97
16467 CDE dual-head display with TCX card on SS4 does not work

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