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Ultra[tm] 2 Workstation: Field Information Notices

The following list does not include related external storage FINs, unless they are specific to the system.

Implementation (Impl.):
= Mandatory (Fully Pro-Active)

= Controlled Pro-Active (per Sun Geo Plan)

= Reactive (As Required)

Components Affected Description
18 GB and 36 GB IBM disk drives Failure analysis results have highlighted a significant failure rate for Drive Not Ready (DNR) on returned IBM 18GB & 36GB disk drives. These failures have been observed to occur as a result of the disk drives either been stored or operated in an extremely hot and humid environments.
FC-AL GBIC Module 100MB/s (option X6731A, 370-2303) This FIN is to inform the field of a new style GBIC that will be shipping with A5X00 Storage Arrays. Installing a FINISAR GBIC in any platform other than A5X00 will result in a restricted access condition which may result in unanticipated downtime.
FC-AL SBus Card (FC100/S 501-3060-06)
FC-AL SBus Card (FC100/S 501-5202-03)
FC-AL SBus Card (FC100/S 501-5266-04)

Fcode upgrade instructions for the FC100/S Host Adapter supplied with the following luxadm patches can lead to obsolete fcode being installed.

  • 105310-14 SunOS 5.5.1: Patch for socal, sf driver, and luxadm
  • 105375-25 SunOS 5.6: sf & socal driver patch
  • 107473-06 SunOS 5.7: luxadm patch
  • 109529-03 SunOS 5.8: luxadm, liba5k and libg_fc patch

The latest fcode for the FC100/S Host Adapter has been moved to patch 109400-03 for all versions of Solaris. This change is not reflected in the README files of the luxadm patches currently available (105310, 105375, 107473 and 109529). These patches still provide a lower version of the FC100/S fcode (1.11) and give instructions for installing it.

CPU Module Solaris kernel patches provide improved handling and reduction of CPU, Ecache, and main memory errors in UltraSPARC systems. All customers on Solaris 2.5.1, 2.6, 7 and 8 are encouraged to consider upgrading to these kernel patches as they become available.
Toshiba CDROM (370-3415, 370-3416)

SunSolve CDs may experience read errors on Toshiba XM-6201B 32x drives.


FDDI 5.0 SAS/DAS Assemblies Sun FDDI SBus Adapter 5.0 SAS/DAS mounting screws may not fit the EMI plate due to excessive plating.
SunATM-155/MFiber SBus Adapter (501-2794-08), SunATM-155/UTP5 SBus Adapter (501-2795-06) SunATM-155 SBus board replacement may render interface unrecognizable.
System Board (501-3132-12 or lower), 300 MHz CPU Module (501-4196) Ultra 2 Model 1300 UPA Bus Terminator Module recommended on uni-processor models. An unterminated UPA bus may exhibit noise problems in very high intensity UPA bus activity applications. Symptoms may include CPU ECache data parity errors, ECC errors, asynch data errors or hangs.
Quantum VK45J05, 4.2GB (370-2809) Some Quantum 7200rpm disks may appear slower than Seagate 7200rpm disks when doing single-disk sequential writes (eg: running "mkfile"). However, in standard benchmark testing, Sun has determined the performance of Seagate 7200rpm disks and Quantum 7200rpm disks to be equivalent.
System Board (501-3132-13 or lower, 501-2487-07 or lower) Auto-eject floppy drive may not eject a diskette from the drive when issued from the "OK" prompt on 200MHz or faster systems.
Sony Triple Density Floppy ( 370-2151-01) Insert card (Read Me First, 802-6812-10) included with 370-2151 floppy drive states that the torroid cable, 530-2316, is to used only with Sparc 5 and Sparc 20 systems. This cable MUST also be used to correct a noise sensitivity problem with the floppy drives in any Sun system.
167MHz UltraSPARC 2 CPU Module ( 501-2942-01), 167MHz UltraSPARC 2 (501-2942-02) New Flash PROM firmware allows mixing of differing 167MHz UltraSPARC 2. Otherwise, when an UltraSPARC 2, 167MHz CPU module with CPU revision 2.2, and an UltraSPARC 2, 167MHz CPU module with CPU revision 4.0, are installed in the same Ultra 2 system having an OpenBoot firmware version of 3.1.2 or lower, the default CPU speed reverts to 148MHz.
SBus SCSI Host Adapter The SBus SCSI Host Adapter or SSHA is available in two part numbers, 501-1759 and 501-1850. The FCode on SSHA 501-1759 is not compatible with the Ultra 2.
Sony Triple Density Floppy ( 370-2151-01) Some floppy drives were received from the vendor at Sun manufacturing with an incorrect select ID jumper setting (for drive 1 instead of drive 0). The incorrect jumper setting will prevent the floppy drive from being recognized by the workstation during boot up or user access.

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