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Ultra[tm] 2 Workstation: Repair Procedures

This section provides the most common repair procedures for the Ultra 2. The written procedures below are links to the Sun Ultra 2 Series Service Manual (802-2561).

CD-ROM Drive  
CPU Module
  • Ultra 2 Model 1300 UPA Bus Terminator Module recommended on uni-processor models (I0345-2).
  • New Flash PROM firmware allows mixing of differing 167MHz UltraSPARC 2 (I0289-1).
Disk Drive
  • 18.2GB and 36GB IBM disk drives may be susceptible to early life failures problem (I0724-2).
  • 18GB and 36GB IBM disk drives experiencing high failure rate in high humidity and high temperature environments (FCO A0182-1).
Floppy Drive
  • Some floppy drives were received from the vendor at Sun manufacturing with an incorrect select ID jumper setting (for drive 1 instead of drive 0) (I0283-1).
  • The torroid cable must be used to correct a noise sensitivity problem with the floppy drives in any Sun system (I0290-1).
Media Bay Chassis Bracket  

System Board

Power Supply

SBus Card
  • A tilted second SBus connector on some Ultra 1 and Ultra 2 systems does not allow installation of SBus cards (A0107-1).
  • The SBus SCSI Host Adapter or SSHA is available in two part numbers, 501-1759 and 501-1850. The FCode on SSHA 501-1759 is not compatible with the Ultra 2 (I0288-1).
  • SunATM-155 SBus board replacement may render interface unrecognizable (I0412-1).
  • Sun FDDI SBus Adapter 5.0 SAS/DAS mounting screws may not fit the EMI plate due to excessive plating (I0469-1).
Shroud Assembly  
Tape Drive
  • Improved reliability through firmware upgrade on Exabyte 8mm 8705DX/8900 tape drives (A0121-2).
UPA Graphics Card

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