[rancid] RANCiD 3.7

heasley heas at shrubbery.net
Mon Sep 18 19:09:20 UTC 2017

RANCiD 3.7 is available at

We had planned this release to be 4.0, but the features we'd intended to
include are not complete, makeing this more of a maintenance release.
However, this version does remove support for Compass EOS and add support
for Nokia SROS, thanks to help & h/w access from Greg Hankins and Job

Change log contents for 3.7:
	sros.pm: fix prompt match to correctly handle the prompt with a modified
	config & remove the atom from the output

	arbor.pm: fail on intermittent h/w retrieval failure

	iosxr.pm: recognize another possible intermittent failure in show
	install active

	fnrancid: filter cluster uptime

	waveserver.pm: adjust prompt for the case where a ^ appears in the
	prompt after displaying the config.

	waveserver.pm: prompt could be # or >, depending on access level -
	Chris Wopat tested

	fnlogin.in: Fortiweb 5.8 changed password prompt

	acos.pm: show aflex is not be supported in the CGN/LSN image

	wlogin: support -S

	wlogin: use login_top & GC the code to enable - tested by Reuben

	ciscowlc.pm: filter bogus & oscillating mgmt address disaplay - Reuben

	wlogin: GC some stuff from clogin, disable pager & fix the prompt regex

	anlogin: disable pager on arbor

	wlogin: fix use of exitval

	rancid.pm, rancid.types.base: add timeout directive to set a default
	login timeout.  Move timeouts from the modules to rancid.types.

	rancid.types.base: argument missing for cisco-wlc8 - Reuben Farrelly

	iosxr.pm: fail if install director is not up or ready

	ios.pm: report physical memory for XE devices

	ios.pm: filter config archive file names running-config-archive-*; no
	reasonable file name suggestion found in docs.

	aeos.pm: filter unsaved config changes notification

	ios.pm: ignore size of throughput_monitor_params on XE - Emille Blanc

	rancid.types.base, ios.pm: add 'show inventory' w/o raw argument for

	arbor.pm: filter cmosh timer error that is intermitent and does appear
	to affect collection

	hpuifilter: fix an error in patch import in r3233: hpuifilter: fix
	escape sequence parsing so that it does not consume sequences after
	another that are incomplete - Brian Candler

	rancid.types.base: add cisco-wlc8 with longer default timeout

	ciscowlc.pm: remove noisy debugging o/p

	srancid: add username/enable password filtering

	nxos.pm: adjust regex for nexus with decimal wattages - Howard Jones

	fnlogin: fix full prompt gleaning code - much appreciated help from
	Merijn Evertse

	fnrancid: filter oscillating ospf md5 keys - Merijn Evertse

	sros.pm: final formatting tweaks - Greg Hankins

	sros.pm: power info changes for 7750/7950 - Greg Hankins

	control_rancid: check for duplicated device names in the router.db of
	the active group.  print a warning and drop the dumplicate.

	hlogin: recognize username prompt User Name:

	mtrancid: remove license renewal timestamp

	junos.pm: filter cycling & useless last commit config line

	hlogin: prompt matching not needed for interactive - Per-Olof Olsson

	nxos.pm: drop bootvar_debug.* log files reported on the ML

	hpuitfilter: add 3 CR replacements, fixing hp5412 J8697A or hp5406 and
	HP/Aruab-2920 switches running WB_16_03_0004 - Kalani Sanders

	arbor.pm: force a terminal type so as not to confuse the PoS with
	"network."  Seems that it might also support "dumb".

	clogin: respond to prompt from config:file prompt noisy

	ios.pm: Filter perpetually changing file "snooping" - Mark Felder

	nxof.pm: Filter vtp_debug.log and vtp_debug_old.log CDETS bug CSCuy87611
	- Mark Felder

	aeos.pm: skip some junk in the config output

	ios.pm: fail if show license can not retrieve license info

	ios.pm: filter ASR901 fan speed - Nick Peelman

	ios.pm: ShowDiag misinterprets WIC/VIC/HWIC slots - Rybakov Evgeny

	*login: add cloginrc telnetcmd directive and with the defualt telnet -K
	(no automatic login) if -K is supported, which otherwise can break
	logins if the unix username and device username are not the same.

	dllogin, hlogin, mrvlogin, nslogin, panlogin: include common functions
	and cmd-line opts from login_top

	rivlogin: normalize this a bit; its still a mess

	junos.pm: ShowVersion: fail on no route to secondary RE

	ios.pm: ShowDiag misinterprets PVDM slots - Rybakov Evgeny

	junos.pm: add VMX-SCALE & VMX-BANDWIDTH to license filter - Brad

	rancid.spec: fix omissions & typo - Brad Dreisbach

	configure: fix --with-git

	fnlogin: do not send \r to the prompt in run_commands() - Daniel Fussell

	fnlogin: fix missing/extra brace - Daniel Fussell

	edgerouter.pm: add match for transient show version command failure

	ios.pm: summarize bytes free on flash

	noklogin: SR OS has no concept of enable mode; remove such code so that
	autoenable/etc are not needed

	sros.pm: add show card detail - Erik Muller

	ios.pm: filter flash:smart-log/agentlog, debug file turd that changes
	size in perpetuity

	sros.pm: filter passwords & trap communities - Erik Muller

	ios.pm: ASAv 9.6(2) has a bug with a cycling debug file:

	*rancid: print which of found_end or clean_run are false with -d option

	plogin: fix cmd-line option spec - Erik Muller

	f10rancid: remove s4048 PS fan speed

	f10rancid: WS after filenames in some versions cause the dir and
	parent dir filters to fail.

	fnrancid: filter last-login - Merijn Evertse

	sros.pm: drop unnecessary command: file type config.dbg - Greg Hankins

	alogin: respond to modified config saving & peer syncing appropriately -
	thanks Bob Franzke

	alogin: missing global variable

	sros.pm: config.dbg doesnt exist w/o a saved debug config, ignore errors

	ios.pm: remove fan speed from fan status on ASR901 - Emille Blanc

	cloginrc.5: make note of special-character escaping precise - Lee

	timeos -> sros & allogin -> noklogin, at the request of nokia

	nxos.pm: pull snmp trap host filtering from ios.pm - Brandon Ewing

	rancid-run, control_rancid: add -c option to specify a SCM commit
	message - Mischa Diehm

	rancid.pm, junos.pm: add ALL option to FILTER_OSC and apply this to
	junos license info summarization and summarize more of the feature
	license info - Erik Muller et al

	junos.pm: also summarize dynamic-vpn licenses & use a blank percentage
	for features with < 100 licenses - Erik Muller

	iossb.pm: Cisco small business rancid module

	hlogin: do not use hpuifilter for interactive telnet with non-std port

	csblogin: start Cisco small business device support

	complogin, eos.pm: Compass EOS support removed.  RiP

	allogin, timos.pm: TiMOS support

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