alogin, arancid, anyone?

john heasley heas at
Mon Apr 9 07:56:36 UTC 2001

thanks andrew.  i committed this stuff to the tree and patched up the
man pages (though i may missed some bits).  also rolled a 2.2b tarball
and stuck it on the ftp server and added a blurb to the web page.

Fri, Mar 30, 2001 at 04:34:38PM +1000, Andrew Fort:
> Okay, I've got a working arancid/alogin for testing, based on rancid-2.1
> (2.1 final, not 2.1b).
> At the moment, it only does a measley '/info/sys' and a '/cfg/dump'.  If you
> notice any other useful info that should go into the CVS, please let me know
> what commmand you use to get that (perhaps the iSD-SSL stuff, I dont have
> one of those) and some sample output if it's from something other than a
> SLB-software AD3.
> Please note, I would expect this will stall the rancid processes every now
> and then when it comes across input it doesn't expect.  If you notice it do
> so (check the logs), can you send me what input is causing to stall? (and if
> the same occurs with alogin alone, let me know this also).
> The following is a patch against the rancid-2.1 source.  Rename the dir to
> rancid-2.1-alteon, then apply the patch from the /usr/local/src dir, if you
> extracted your source into /usr/local/src (patch -p0 < patchfile). In
> addition, you need to take the two files attached and place them in the
> /usr/local/src/rancid-2.1-alteon/bin dir.
> Then run autoconf in /usr/local/src/rancid-2.1-alteon directory, then
> configure.  The only files that have changed are alogin, arancid (new) and
> rancid-fe (changed), so install them manually if you like.  If doing a 'make
> install', backup your $PREFIX/bin/env first.
> To use it, add hosts to the relevant groups router.db files like so:
> csw4.bne:alteon:up
> and place a .cloginrc entry like so
> add password csw4.bne {adminpass}
> The password needs to be the 'administrator' level user password (the only
> userlevel who is allowed to /cfg/dump).  I haven't tested with ssh yet; it
> probably doesn't work at this point, even if you have a client which sends a
> SSH_VERSION that the 8.1 series SSH software likes (it doesn't like
> SSH-1.5-OpenBSD.* , for instance, in 8.1.18-SSH).  RADIUS auth is likely
> broken also - I dont use a radius server so I may require some help in
> testing this, or someone who can hack it to work from my patches.
> If you run into any other problems, or have badly handled input problems,
> please let me know.
> Also, please let me know what hardware it does run on out of the box- I've
> only tested on the AD3, but a 180 series I hope it would work fine running
> 8.x software.  It may even work on an old AceSwitch 110 running 4.x software
> for all i know.
> I'm on holidays for the next week (yay), the best way to reach me is at
> afort at 

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