rancid in a push configuration?

Andrew Fort afort at staff.webcentral.com.au
Tue Jul 31 03:05:42 UTC 2001

Some of us do this the 'ugly way':

$ cat hostlist

$ cat syslog-change.scr
no logging
no logging
no logging

$ for i in `cat hostlist` ; do rcp syslog-change.scr
$i:system:/running-config & ; done


I think this is a fairly good example of why the ops-nm mailing list exists;
to help eradicate evil things like the above. :)

To Ciscos' credit, you could always setup an FTP server and use the
CISCO-CONFIG-MIB, which should let you trigger the 'pull' of the configs
from the devices themselves.  If you're maintaining local devices where you
can be 'happy' with rcp (they're on a private management VLAN, that VLAN is
pruned to customers, you can guarantee (thru IGP auth) no prefix theft and
spoofing, etc), you may find better performance with rcp than sending a few
SNMP set to each device and then having it login to the FTP (or tftp, or
rcp) server.

Cisco now (12.2(2)T) support scp also, but no RSA authentication yet (as far
as I can see), so it makes it not very useful for doing automated stuff.

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