Using RANCID for *NIX

Andrew Partan asp at
Wed Oct 10 23:50:21 UTC 2001

On Tue, Oct 09, 2001 at 05:57:27AM -0400, Jason Lewis wrote:
> Is anyone else already doing this?  I haven't found any other tools that
> would do what I want.  I am not looking for a backup as much as I am looking
> for the diffs and an email with the changes.

I have some not-very-bullet-proof scripts that I used to monitor
approx 70 files on junipers (which are sorta unix boxes).  I started
with an earlier copy of rancid & did a pile of quick hacking to
get them into the state they are in today.

Most of the work that needs doing is the part that detects host
down vs file not found & does the appropriate thing.

There is also work needed in doing the cvs stuff better & deaing
with changes to the router.db file (delete/add hosts & the like).
[Most of this is probably easily adaptible from the current rancid

I did find that I needed to split the files to be monitored into
files that only root can read vs everything else.  I did use the
trick of a subdir per host.

[I also have another set of rancid-like scripts that monitor whois
info for domains.  Again there is work needed to better bullet-proof

I'd gladly offer either set of scripts as a starting point to what
is really needed.

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