Proposed Extreme changes.

Alex Bochannek ABochannek at
Wed Oct 17 21:31:25 UTC 2001

OK, I am testing the new version and have a couple of problems with it. I am
working on trying to figure out why "show config" on Extreme doesn't seem to
complete sometimes and I will probably have some time to look into this

The other issue is "show diagnostics" on Extreme. Apparently this command
does not exist on Alpines or pre-6.1.7 BDs. It does exist on all Extreme
devices supported in 6.2.0 and pre-inferno devices. So, it works with non-I
Summits and current rev BDs. John, how do you want to handle this? 

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Mon, Oct 15, 2001 at 03:58:12PM -0700, Alex Bochannek:
> Did you update the image on your server with this new clogin?

i just have, 2.2b8.  i know that collection of extreme fails if the
config has been changed but not saved.  have not worked that out yet.


        add PAR_COUNT variable to bin/env for adjusting the number of
        simultaneous collections.  see bin/env (or bin/ for those
        previous installation) and the env(5) manpage.

        more work on extreme switch bits + fixes from Alex Bochannek.

        jlogin: add 1s sleeps to avoid passwords being echo'd before tty
        is set.  richard doty

        few looking glass fixes

        brancid: filter uptime and add -all option to config for bayrs
        14.  from mordechai abzug

        jrancid: m160 measured chassis clock MHz fluctuates, trim the
        decimal places.  from Mark A Gebert.

        par: -x fix for log file monitoring killing xterms.  from rdrake.

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