Andrew Fort afort at staff.webcentral.com.au
Thu Oct 18 00:08:04 UTC 2001

>I was wondering what everybody else does to make configs, which RANCID
>pulled from the device, available for TFTP downloads. Symlinks from
><GROUP>/configs? Separate CVS checkouts to /tftpboot? Also, 
>does anybody
>have experience with utftpd? I am wondering about using 
>utftpd's revision
>control interface to check files out from RANCID.

Alex, I've recently been thinking alot about this, also; and I'm sure the
more experienced ops folks in the list would have come up with some better
solutions than mine :).  I presume you want to use your saved configurations
for disaster recovery ("plug in a new one and say ahhh!") -- at the moment I
pull the file over to a temporary in the tftp path that only the "build"
devices have access to (using utftpd ACLs).

To upload to the device i'm just using the expect scripts recently posted to
the list; e.g. clogin -s ./cisco-load.exp blah and then clogin -s
./cisco-reload.exp blah

I manually replace the passwords in the device, usually in the temporary
file before its uploaded.  If not, I usually forget to put the BGP md5 auth
passwords in, think "ugh, why doesn't the thing bring up adjacen... doh!"
and then get with the program, so a script to regexp the ! password
<removed> stuff with the users' input would be a useful thing, also (or more

Since utftpd uses RCS (or SCCS?) only, how would you plan to do this with
RANCID, which is a CVS tool?  I remember Uwe saying adding CVS support would
not be easy..


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