Rancid with Zebra

Andrew Fort afort at staff.webcentral.com.au
Fri Oct 19 05:59:32 UTC 2001

>From: Rizzo, Joe [mailto:JRizzo at ea.com]
>Is anyone using rancid with zebra (www.zebra.org)?

>The interface looks and feels like Cisco IOS.  The problem is that zebra
listens on tcp port 2601.  Each routing protocol daemon listens on >a unique
port as well.  Example: ospfd listens on 2604. 

doesn't the zebra vtysh daemon provide the ability to get to all the routing
protocol daemon cli from a single interface (listening on a single port)?

it's been awhile since i looked at zebra, but the last i remembered, someone
was asking for zebra to include "end" at the end of "write term", so that
RANCID would treat it like a cisco; presumably they were not having problems
getting RANCID to talk to zebra's CLI, so perhaps they were using vtysh to
do this.


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