CatOS & IOS w/out enable

Saro Hayan saro at
Mon Mar 4 21:14:17 UTC 2002

I'm trying to get clogin to work with Cisco IOS and CatOS.  The user/pw I
want to use does not have enable privileges, but all I want to do is some
"show" commands.  I have used the -noenable command line switch and the
clogin config.  I am not sure what I seem to be doing wrong, but I keep
getting a "no enable password" error in  (version 2.1b).  The following is
the command as I am using it:

clogin -noenable -u myusername -p myuserpassword -c 'show int'

If I use a .cloginrc file, I use the following lines:

# customer x
# these routers ask for a username and password.  we automatically get
# enable access after successful authentication.

add user *            myusername
add password *        myuserpassword

# add autoenable *    1

# the route-server's do not provide enable access.  cmdline -noenable
# equivalent.
add noenable          1

Saro Hayan
Network Operation
saro at

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