Prevent PAGP messages from showing up in diffs

Andrew Partan asp at
Wed Mar 6 04:22:40 UTC 2002

On Tue, Mar 05, 2002 at 09:14:12AM -0600, Zhang, Anchi wrote:
> I get mail almost every time Rancid runs due to PAGP messages.  What
> would be the best way to prevent such messages from showing up in the
> diffs?

What type of router (switch?) is that?

It looks like said box is sending syslog messages to the login
session that rancid is using.  I seem to recall running into some
box that had a bug where you could not turn this off (the stupid
box insisted on sysloging its messages to *every* session on the
box, even if you didn't do the equivalent of 'term mon').

Automatically getting rid of this junk is quite a pain since it
can essentially show up anywhere in the output stream (including
in the middle of a line).

Query: Can you configure your router to not send these messages to
the telnet/ssh// session that rancid uses?  Or is there some sort
of command rancid can issue (ala 'term len 0') when it logs in to
not get these messages?  Or is this one of those broken boxes I
recall?  [In which case the only real option is to beat on the
vendor to get them to fix their stupid bug.]


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