Newbie: Problems with Catalyst

Terry Kennedy terry at
Fri Mar 15 07:03:29 UTC 2002

> I tried what you suggested.  the .new file has the complete config, and the
> .raw file has the complete config and ends with:
> ummu-cis6513-mr> (enable)Connection to closed
> by remote host.
> Connection to closed.
> It looks ok to me... is expect not matching the "Connection to <blah>
> closed" message(s)?

  Are you using SSH to talk to the switch? I sent in a patch for this
problem a month or two ago. Take a peek in the mailing list archives.

  After thinking about it, and the various other platforms where it
happens, I think a better solution would be to invoke a harmless com-
mand (for CatOS, something like "cd end-of-run:") and pick up on the
"end-of-run" token instead of hoping some combination of Cisco OS,
client SSH, and host TCP/IP stack will bother echoing the "exit" com-
mand back to us before the connection gets torn down.

  Of course, on devices that have an "echo"-like command, this is 
even more elegant as we don't generate an (ignored) syntax error.

        Terry Kennedy   
        terry at             New York, NY USA

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