foundry intermittently missing config fragments

Neale Banks neale at
Thu Mar 28 02:17:15 UTC 2002


Anyone else having problems with Foundry intermittently missing fragments
of the config?

As in, one run will show a diff with a hunk of lines removed w.r.t the
previous run and typically the following run will show the hunk being

This has so far only been observed with one build of Foundry s/w: rev
07.5.02aT53 (labelled "B2P07502a" and compiled on "Mar 01 2002").

Other observations:

* timing appears random
* the missing hunk is exactly a contiguous set of whole lines
* not always the same hunk missing, but "familiar patterns" recur
* rancid 2.1

Yeah, I know this smells horribly like a foundry bug - but if that's the
case I need to "prove" it {:-(

Any ideas?


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