rancid 2.2.1

john heasley heas at shrubbery.net
Sat May 4 00:13:44 UTC 2002

i've made rancid-2.2.1 available for ftp from ftp.shrubbery.net:/pub/rancid

*** if you make use of the looking glass (lg) scripts that come with rancid,
    PLEASE upgrade.  with some versions of solaris' bourne shell, someone
    with access to the looking glass could run arbitrary commands.  i know
    that this is not a problem under netbsd, but do not know about any other
    operating systems whose bourne shell might be from source similar to

        rancid: npe400 cpu eeprom info o/p format changed in 12.0.21S1 -
        spotted by tom campbell

        fix problem in *login where if there was a login failure we would try
        to disconnect gracefully (albeit incorrectly).  writing to the
        half-closed socket would not return an error (at least on some
        platform/expect combinations or even consistently) and expect would

        add device name to diff mail subject when -r is specified

        add -m <mail rcpt> option to do-diffs and control_rancid to allow
        specific mail recipient.  intended for use with -r to trigger diffs
        off specific events.

        router.db(5): note that PIX is a 'cisco' - thank kris gulka

        *login: match openssh prompt for host key to ip key mismatch

        rancid: add disk/slot2

        rancid: 12.2 show c7200 o/p for midplane changed

        lg: use table inet.0 terse for sh ip route on juniper instead of
        forwarding-table destination

        rancid: 12.0S(21) added "FRU" field in show diagbus output.
        Also look for a couple more things in some show diag output
        and sort the output a bit better.  Also look for 'controler'
        (cisco can't always spell - thanks to Terry Kennedy for
        spotting the misspelling).

        lg: filter ["`'] from args

        rancid: fix username secret filtering

        alogin: misplaced brace caused improper return from proc login

        relax the check ping and traceroute check of hostname arguments such
        that non-fqdn hosts are allowed.  ie: just check that arg chars are
        valid dns chars and leave the resolve errors to the router.

        Add initial support for Force10.

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