Status Locally Modified

Elliott, Andrew AElliott at
Thu May 9 19:07:16 UTC 2002

>i guess i'm interested in how it got to this state.  only way
>it should be possible is if the file were modified between runs.
>that is, given folks' confusion with cvs, i'd prefer that rancid
>take of it and it should have.  so, if i've buggered it, i would
>like to know what happened so i can fix it.

I have had the same problem and the same question.  

Numerous times I have had rancid report various problems, and the files are
always showing a "Locally Modified" status.  I have ranted to the others
(only a small handful of admins) about how to use cvs, and everyone claims
that they have always done it the right way.  It remains a mystery to this
day...  (I still think it is human error :-P )


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