telnet hanging

john heasley heas at
Mon Oct 14 22:52:41 UTC 2002

Mon, Oct 14, 2002 at 06:31:55PM -0400, jlewis at
> [attribution removed since he didn't appear to cc: the list]
> > I had the same problem with the version of expect that came stock with
> > RH7.2.  The following is mentioned on the RANCID site:
> > 
> > Linux users with expect 5.32.* (or > 5.25.*); there appears to be a bug in
> > tcl 8.3 that causes collections to hang often and likely all the time. Below
> Doh!  I should have scrolled down that's actually been open in
> one of my Opera tabs since I installed RANCID.
> The Red Hat 7.3 expect rpm installed without any complaints, so I'll see 
> if that solves it.  

if you refresh that page, you'll also see:

Update: we're told that kernel 2.4.11 + expect-5.32.2-62 + tcl-8.3.3-65 are a
winning combination. We have not tested this ourselves.

seems odd that its just that one box.  anyway, i'm sure we'll hear from
folks if these do not solve it.

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