Ignoring IP-Host DIFF in Cisco configs

Brian Apley rancid at apley.net
Wed Apr 30 17:46:54 UTC 2003

Sure- example-

within the cisco config, we have a series of ip host commands, i.e.-

ip host a2e
ip host a1e
ip host nsp

Believe it or not (and I wasn't aware IOS did this), but the order that
these commands appear in the config changes based on what host was used

So, if I used the nsp hostname from the CLI (by typing "nsp" or "telnet
nsp"), the config would then look like-

ip host nsp
ip host a2e
ip host a1e

This of course represents a DIFF.

What I'm looking for is a way to ignore these types of DIFFs- not only for
the mailer broadcast, but ignore them completely, so that the version number
doesn't get incremented.

Thanks again.

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