missed cmds under redhat 9.0

King, David DKing at tiscom.uscg.mil
Wed Aug 13 19:52:51 UTC 2003

The perl "study" command appears to cause the problem in RedHat 9. What I
have determined at this point is that study in a sub (like sub ShowVersion)
causes the regexp not to match when it returns to "main". Therefore a line
in the router config is skipped. Remove "study" from the subs that use it
and the problem will go away. (An alternative is to move study after the
"last" statement which is a few lines later. This only causes the last line
before the next command not to be "studied".)

If you notice, the commands being skipped all follow a command whose output
is parsed by a sub that uses study.

I haven't determined if this is something specific to the way study is used
in rancid or a general RedHat 9/perl 5.8.0 problem. 

At least, that worked for me, YMMV,
David King

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