config fetcher problems - cisco 1760

john heasley heas at
Thu Aug 14 22:33:34 UTC 2003

Thu, Aug 14, 2003 at 11:53:54PM +0200, Nipper, Arnold:
> On Thursday, August 14, 2003 11:42 PM, Randy Bush <randy at> wrote:
> > uh, any help with this, pleaae?
> >
> > The following routers have not been successfully contacted for
> > more than 4 hours.
> > -rw-r-----  1 randy  staff  0 Aug 13 07:15
> >
> what does you logfile say? I'm having the same problem with C6509 running
> CatOS and the log file says: "my_c6509: End of run not found". I could not
> yet figure out what this really means.

"end of run not found" means that either

- a command-line was not found for one (or more) of the commands that
  cat5rancid issued to (or wants to) the device.  eg: show version is
  supposed to be run, we never saw "prompt> show version".  thus,
  premature disconnection and completely buggered devices do not trigger
  complete/partial config removal.

- "prompt> exit" was not found, thus assume that somehow the exchange with
  the device went awry.

- the end of the config (show config) was not found.  for catos, that is
  /^end$/.  this the config was truncated for some reason.

all these measures (and those particular to other devices) are to TRY to
ensure that vendor X's UI/whatever bugs and temporary network failures
(etc) don't cause diffs.

cat5rancid -dl my_c6509

is often helpful.

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