supress diffs for certain config parts (port security CatOS)

Andrew Fort afort at
Tue Aug 19 00:57:19 UTC 2003

Nipper, Arnold wrote:

>Now that rancid is running smooth (thanks to Anchi and John) I would like
>rancid to not doing diffs for certain parts of the config? Why? I'm running
>port security with dynamic update on the C6509 CatOS boxes and the MAC
>addresses hence are part of the config. As these are changing frequently
>rancid sends config diffs almost always.
>Is there a knob to turn off diff for certain parts? Or more precisely: where
>do I have to insert a "grep -v"? Perhaps this could be made a feature. I.e
>specify a file with regexp pattern which will be omitted when doing the

Hi Arnold - if this fits in with your environment (i.e., the person 
complaining of the constant diffage uses procmail) you could use a 
procmail filter, as suggested by John in the archives.  See:

and search for "almost all bgp speakers" in that (that text is at the 
end of the relevant post).  This doesn't stop the diffage, but you'll 
only get email about diffage that you care about.


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