Can't seem to view configs

john heasley heas at
Wed Jan 29 18:34:28 UTC 2003

Wed, Jan 29, 2003 at 08:24:52AM -0500, JamesGEF:
> Sorry for the ignorance, but I installed rancid per the README, created a
> rancid user & group, gave it rights to the /usr/local/rancid directory.
> Could login to all my cisco nodes just fine with the clogin command.
>  However, how do I view the information that rancid has downloaded after
> executing a do-diffs?
> Thanks in advance!
> James

i suspect you missed item #6 of the quick start guide.

after rancid collection of a group completes, the files for successfully
collected hosts are renamed to that of the first field in the router.db
file for that group.  eg: ->

a cvs diff is run and the output is mailed to rancid-<groupname>.  this
alias needs to appear in your MTA's aliases file.  alternatively, you can
use the --enable-mail-plus option of configure at build-time, then the
mail-to will become rancid+<groupname> and the rancid user can either
just forward all with a .forward or use procmail.

those files/changes are then committed to the cvs repository.

the full configs are available in
	/usr/local/rancid/<groupname>/configs/<field 1 of router.db>

> I know I have to run the cvs checkout command (i think), but it asks for a module???

first off, i suggest that no changes (ie: commits) be made to the cvs
repository by any user other than the one who runs rancid.  checkouts
are fine.

a module, in this case, equates to a group.  eg: group fubar

	cvs -rd /usr/local/rancid/CVS co fubar

the FAQ contains a reference to a decent cvs guide/faq.  i suggest
that you check it out.

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