False unreachable?

Ted Bedwell ted at cw.net
Thu Jun 5 14:08:04 UTC 2003

That did it.

One KEY piece of info I neglected to include in all these discussions is
that I am running v 2.1. I apologize for not providing this info. I will
endeavor to upgrade in the near future. For the time being, running in debug
mode will have to suffice. I'll post a follow-up if the upgrade fixes the

Thanks again to everyone who contributed.


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> doesnt make sense.  just to review the obvious...
> - you tried it manually as the user who runs rancid
> - your manual attempt used telnet and not ssh
> - your path and/or environment matches that of the rancid user
>   (no goofy telnet executable or kerberos ...)
> otherwise, i would disable the do-diffs cron job, edit bin/rancid-fe
> and place -d after the device's rancid script, eg:
> < elsif ($vendor =~ /^cisco$/i)           { exec('rancid', $router); }
> > elsif ($vendor =~ /^cisco$/i)           { exec('rancid', '-d',
$router); }
> and set NOPIPE=YES in bin/env, then run bin/do-diffs <group name>
> this way, the .raw file will remain behind and can be further examined.
> warning: this will cause zero-ing/truncation of any configs that fail to
> be collected.  of course, it will be corrected on the next successful run.
> Tue, Jun 03, 2003 at 04:01:13PM -0400, Ted Bedwell:
> > That worked beautifully. my.devce.new has the config in it. However, it
> > still is not working when the do-diffs runs.
> >
> > ~~ted

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