RANCID on Mac OS X (Darwin)

Mark Duling Mark.Duling at biola.edu
Sat Jun 14 22:27:45 UTC 2003

Hello All,

Just thought I mention that I got RANCID running on OS X 10.2.4.  I am not
very UNIX literate so I was tripped up by a Unix issue I wasn't familiar
with (step 4 below).  I thought I'd post this and get it in the archives
so other OS X users would be aware.  The basic steps I performed were:

1) Install the "batteries included" distribution of tcl/tk Aqua 8.4.2
which included expect 5.38.  It is a binary image so it is a one click
install familiar to OS X users.

2) Modify the perl path in the install script to be correct for OS X.

3) Install RANCID as described in the instructions and add the path to
RANCID to your environment path.

4) Modify the clogin (for Cisco) expect script's 1st line to be
      (Not doing that was what caused my trouble, I added the path to my
shell.  I know, Unix newbies  :)

5) Now you can follow the instructions on the RANCID site or follow the
link to Chris Boyd's helpful instructions for BSD.

Thanks to those who have made this very useful utility.


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