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Hopper, Faron W. faron.hopper at
Fri Dec 17 15:53:20 UTC 2004

   You are right, I see the wisdom of it now.  It would help if I were to look at that file, instead of directly at the cgi script.  Thank you for pointing that out.

I have another question.  If I set the LG_ROUTERDB var to the following,


I don't see any of my group configured routers.  If I change the // to a group name it works fine, but
only for that group.  For example,


works fine.

The help for that variable states

      # LG_ROUTERDB   is the router.db in rancid's router.db format, listing
      #               the routers and their platform that should be available to
      #               the looking glass.  if defined, the LG will use this variable
      #               to find the router.db.  if not defined, it will look for it
      #               at <prefix>/<sysconfdir>/router.db.  if it does not exist, it
      #               will build the list from <prefix>/*/router.db (i.e.: the
      #               router.db's from all your groups).  note that if you choose
      #               this last option; the group directories and router.db files'
      #               modes may have to be changed, depending upon the UID/GID of
      #               the user your server (httpd) runs under, since rancid's default
      #               mask is 007 (see etc/rancid.conf).  routers not marked 'up' are
      #               skipped.

This varilable was not defined before started to mess lg.conf, so I don't think that it is looking in the
/usr/local/var/rancid directory for this information.  How do I get it to use 1) a prefix that is /usr/local/var/rancid, or 2) configure the variable to use the group subdir's under /usr/local/var/rancid?

For example,


Thank you in advance for helping a very slow learner.
Faron Hopper
Network Engineering
Kansas City, MO 64116

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On Thu, Dec 16, 2004 at 04:32:14PM -0500, Hopper, Faron  W. wrote:
> I have installed rancid on FreeBSD.  I also installed the looking
> glass software.  When I bring up the webpage
> http://server/cgi-bin/lgform.cgi, it loads the front end, but it is
> not populating the routers on the page.  When I looked at the code, it
> appeared to me that it is supposed to pull its info from the rancid
> cvs file router.db.  Do I have to configure lgform.cgi to know where
> these files are?  It wasn't very clear in the file what needs to be
> done.

Yes, in lg.conf, set LG_ROUTERDB to the location of router.db. See the comments in etc/lg.conf.sample.

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